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hixie: Explicitly say that ranges are inclusive. (whatwg r6180)

From: poot <cvsmail@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 05:55:17 -0400
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hixie: Explicitly say that ranges are inclusive. (whatwg r6180)


RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.4953
retrieving revision 1.4954
diff -u -d -r1.4953 -r1.4954
--- Overview.html	3 Jun 2011 00:15:33 -0000	1.4953
+++ Overview.html	3 Jun 2011 00:24:04 -0000	1.4954
@@ -26963,6 +26963,14 @@
   overlap, aren't empty, and don't touch (adjacent ranges are folded
   into one bigger range).</p>
+  <p>Ranges in a <code><a href="#timeranges">TimeRanges</a></code> object must be inclusive.</p>
+  <p class="example">Thus, the end of a range would be equal to the
+  start of a following adjacent (touching but not overlapping) range.
+  Similarly, a range covering a whole timeline anchored at zero would
+  have a start equal to zero and an end equal to the duration of the
+  timeline.</p>
   <p>The timelines used by the objects returned by the <code title="dom-media-buffered"><a href="#dom-media-buffered">buffered</a></code>, <code title="dom-media-seekable"><a href="#dom-media-seekable">seekable</a></code> and <code title="dom-media-played"><a href="#dom-media-played">played</a></code> IDL attributes of <a href="#media-element" title="media element">media elements</a> must be that element's
   <a href="#media-timeline">media timeline</a>.</p>
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