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spec/Overview.html 1.1838 2668 typos (whatwg r2668)

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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 05:44:30 +0900 (JST)
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typos (whatwg r2668)

ASCII case-insensitive
2.3 Case-sensitivity and string comparison
2.2.3 Common conformance requirements for APIs exposed to JavaScript


RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.1837
retrieving revision 1.1838
diff -u -d -r1.1837 -r1.1838
--- Overview.html	14 Jan 2009 10:26:12 -0000	1.1837
+++ Overview.html	14 Jan 2009 20:41:19 -0000	1.1838
@@ -1605,7 +1605,7 @@
   is defined for that method in its IDL definition, the excess
   arguments must be ignored.<h3 id=case-sensitivity-and-string-comparison><span class=secno>2.3 </span>Case-sensitivity and string comparison</h3><p>This specification defines several comparison operators for
   strings.<p>Comparing two strings in a <dfn id=case-sensitive>case-sensitive</dfn> manner means
-  comparing them exactly, codepoint for codepoint.<p>Comparing two strings in a <dfn id=ascii-case-insensitive>ASCII case-insensitive</dfn>
+  comparing them exactly, codepoint for codepoint.<p>Comparing two strings in an <dfn id=ascii-case-insensitive>ASCII case-insensitive</dfn>
   manner means comparing them exactly, codepoint for codepoint, except
   that the characters in the range U+0041 .. U+005A (i.e. LATIN
   CAPITAL LETTER A to LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z) and the corresponding
@@ -28064,7 +28064,7 @@
   <code>Document</code>; if the task was queued in the context of an
   element, then it is the element's <code>Document</code>; if the task
   was queued in the context of a <a href=#browsing-context>browsing context</a>, then
-  it is the <a href=#browsing-context>browsing context</a>'a <a href=#active-document>active
+  it is the <a href=#browsing-context>browsing context</a>'s <a href=#active-document>active
   document</a> at the time the task was queued; if the task was
   queued by or for a <a href=#concept-script title=concept-script>script</a> then
   the document is the script's <a href=#script-s-browsing-context>script's browsing
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