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spec/Overview.html 1.1928 2758 Filling in the rendering section: regexp

From: poot <cvsmail@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 10:58:11 +0900 (JST)
To: public-html-diffs@w3.org
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Filling in the rendering section: regexp editing error... (whatwg r2758)

10.3.6 Punctuation and decorations


RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.1927
retrieving revision 1.1928
diff -u -d -r1.1927 -r1.1928
--- Overview.html	5 Feb 2009 01:52:46 -0000	1.1927
+++ Overview.html	5 Feb 2009 01:55:03 -0000	1.1928
@@ -46681,9 +46681,9 @@
 table[frames=border] { border-style: solid solid solid solid; }
-table[frames=void] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=void] &gt; tr &gt; th,
+`table[frames=void] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=void] &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=above] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=above] &gt; tr &gt; th,
-table[frames=below] td, table[frames=below] &gt; tr &gt; th,
+table[frames=below] &gt; &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=below] &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=hsides] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=hsides] &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=lhs] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=lhs] &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=rhs] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=rhs] &gt; tr &gt; th,
@@ -46692,7 +46692,7 @@
 table[frames=border] &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=border] &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=void] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=void] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=above] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=above] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
-table[frames=below] td, table[frames=below] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
+table[frames=below] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=below] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=hsides] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=hsides] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=lhs] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=lhs] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=rhs] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=rhs] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
@@ -46701,7 +46701,7 @@
 table[frames=border] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=border] &gt; thead &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=void] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=void] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=above] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=above] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
-table[frames=below] td, table[frames=below] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
+table[frames=below] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=below] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=hsides] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=hsides] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=lhs] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=lhs] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=rhs] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=rhs] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
@@ -46710,7 +46710,7 @@
 table[frames=border] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=border] &gt; tbody &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=void] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=void] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=above] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=above] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
-table[frames=below] td, table[frames=below] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
+table[frames=below] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=below] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=hsides] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=hsides] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=lhs] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=lhs] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
 table[frames=rhs] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; td, table[frames=rhs] &gt; tfoot &gt; tr &gt; th,
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