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typo (whatwg r3042)

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Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 03:44:58 +0900 (JST)
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typo (whatwg r3042)

4.4.7 The hgroup element


RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.2201
retrieving revision 1.2202
diff -u -d -r1.2201 -r1.2202
--- Overview.html	30 Apr 2009 18:39:55 -0000	1.2201
+++ Overview.html	30 Apr 2009 18:43:29 -0000	1.2202
@@ -10952,7 +10952,7 @@
   first such element if there are multiple elements with that
   <a href="#rank">rank</a>. If there are no such elements, then the text of
   the <code><a href="#the-hgroup-element">hgroup</a></code> element is the empty string.<p>Other heading elements in the <code><a href="#the-hgroup-element">hgroup</a></code> element
-  indicate subheadings or subtitles.<p>The <a href="#rank">rank</a> of a <code><a href="#the-hgroup-element">hgroup</a></code> element is the
+  indicate subheadings or subtitles.<p>The <a href="#rank">rank</a> of an <code><a href="#the-hgroup-element">hgroup</a></code> element is the
   same as for an <code><a href="#the-h1-h2-h3-h4-h5-and-h6-elements">h1</a></code> element (the highest rank).<p>The section on <a href="#headings-and-sections">headings and sections</a>
   defines how <code><a href="#the-hgroup-element">hgroup</a></code> elements are assigned to individual
   sections.<div class="example">
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