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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:03:22 +0000
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Added section 6.5.1 HTTP Headers and http-equiv Declarations (with subsections Content-Language and Content-Type), per bug 12279.

Index: html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/html-xhtml-author-guide/html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html,v
retrieving revision 1.66
retrieving revision 1.67
diff -u -d -r1.66 -r1.67
--- html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html	11 Mar 2011 18:16:01 -0000	1.66
+++ html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html	14 Mar 2011 20:03:20 -0000	1.67
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 			<a href="http://www.w3.org/"><img height="48" width="72" alt="W3C" src="http://www.w3.org/Icons/w3c_home"/></a>
 		<h1 class="title" id="title">Polyglot Markup: HTML-Compatible XHTML Documents</h1>
-		<h2 id="w3c-editor-s-draft-05-january-2011">W3C Editor's Draft 11 March 2011</h2>
+		<h2 id="w3c-editor-s-draft-14-march-2011">W3C Editor's Draft 14 March 2011</h2>
 			<dt>This version:</dt>
 			<dd><a href="http://dev.w3.org/html5/html-xhtml-author-guide/html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html">http://dev.w3.org/html5/html-xhtml-author-guide/html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html</a></dd>
@@ -124,7 +124,13 @@
 				<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#empty-elements"><span class="secno">6.4 </span>Void Elements</a></li>
 				<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#elements-with-special-considerations"><span class="secno">6.5 </span>Elements with Special Considerations</a>
 					<ul class="toc">
-						<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#newlines-in-textarea-and-pre"><span class="secno">6.5.1 </span>Newlines in <code>&lt;textarea&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> Elements</a></li>
+						<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#http-headers-and-http-equiv"><span class="secno">6.5.1 </span>HTTP Headers and http-equiv Declarations</a>
+							<ul class="toc">
+								<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#content-language"><span class="secno"> </span>Content-Language</a></li>
+								<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#content=type"><span class="secno"> </span>Content-Type</a></li>
+							</ul>
+						</li>
+						<li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#newlines-in-textarea-and-pre"><span class="secno">6.5.2 </span>Newlines in <code>&lt;textarea&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> Elements</a></li>
@@ -654,8 +660,45 @@
 	<h3><span class="secno">6.5 </span>Elements with Special Considerations</h3>
 	<p>The following elements or their considerations require exceptions to the general rules for <a class="internalDFN" href="#dfn-polyglot-markup">polyglot markup</a>.</p>
+		<div id="http-headers-and-http-equiv" class="section">
+		<h4><span class="secno">6.5.1 </span>HTTP Headers and http-equiv Declarations</h4>
+		<p>
+			The following HTTP headers and http-equiv declarations warrant special discussion in <a class="internalDFN" href="#dfn-polyglot-markup">polyglot markup</a>.
+		</p>
+			<pre class="example">http-equiv: <code>&lt;meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="ru"/&gt;</code>
+HTTP header: <code>Content-language: ru</code></pre>
+			<div id="content-language" class="section">
+			<h5><span class="secno"> </span>Content-Language</h5>
+			<!-- TODO per bug 12279 XXX -->
+			<p>
+				There are no direct issues with regard to the use of 
+Content-Language as long as the language attribute is declared on the 
+root element, 
+				as described in <a href="#language-attributes">Language Attributes</a>. 
+				By declaring the language attribute on the root element, <a class="internalDFN" href="#dfn-polyglot-markup">polyglot markup</a> avoids the differences between XML and HTML in regard to Content-Language. 
+			</p>
+<!-- End section: Content-Language -->			
+			</div>
+			<div id="content=type" class="section">
+			<h5><span class="secno"> </span>Content-Type</h5>
+			<p>
+				The <code>HTTP Content-Type:</code> header has no extra rules or restrictions, 
+				whereas <a class="internalDFN" href="#dfn-polyglot-markup">polyglot markup</a> does not use the <code>http-equiv="Content-Type"</code> declaration on the <code>&lt;meta&gt;</code> element.
+				For more specific information about using the <code>HTTP Content-Type:</code> header, see <a href="#character-encoding">Specifying a Document's Character Encoding</a>.
+			</p>
+<!-- End section: Content-Type -->			
+			</div>
+<!-- End section: HTTP Headers and http-equiv Declarations -->
+		</div>
 		<div id="newlines-in-textarea-and-pre" class="section">
-		<h4><span class="secno">6.5.1 </span>Newlines in <code>&lt;textarea&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> Elements</h4>
+		<h4><span class="secno">6.5.2 </span>Newlines in <code>&lt;textarea&gt;</code> and <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> Elements</h4>
 		When <a class="internalDFN" href="#dfn-polyglot-markup">polyglot markup</a> uses either a <code>&lt;textarea&gt;</code> or <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> element, 
 		the text within the element does not begin with a <a href="http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec/syntax.html#syntax-newlines">newline</a>.
 <!--End section: White Space in textarea and pre Elements-->	
@@ -1002,6 +1045,8 @@
 <!--End section: Example Document-->
 <!-- Appendix -->
 <div id="acknowledgements" class="appendix section">
 <h2><span class="secno">A. </span>Acknowledgements</h2>
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