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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 20:46:52 +0000
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Update of /sources/public/html5/spec
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This requirement was technically wrong for some edge cases like <table><tr></tr></table>. Doesn't affect conformance checkers since they had more precise rules. (whatwg r5687)

[updated by splitter]

Index: tabular-data.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/tabular-data.html,v
retrieving revision 1.1007
retrieving revision 1.1008
diff -u -d -r1.1007 -r1.1008
--- tabular-data.html	11 Nov 2010 01:47:02 -0000	1.1007
+++ tabular-data.html	30 Nov 2010 20:46:50 -0000	1.1008
@@ -429,11 +429,12 @@
   contain data and which are merely being used for layout. This
   specification does not define a precise heuristic.</p>
-  </div><p>Tables have rows and columns given by their descendants. A table
-  must not have an empty row or column<span class="impl">, as
-  described in the description of the <a href="#table-model">table
-  model</a></span>. <!-- conformance criteria for detecting this
-  are in the table model section --></p><p id="table-descriptions">For tables that consist of more than just
+  </div><p>Tables have rows, columns, and cells given by their descendants.
+  The rows and columns form a grid; a table's cells must completely
+  cover that grid without overlap. <span class="impl note">Precise
+  rules for determining whether this conformance requirement is met
+  are described in the description of the <a href="#table-model">table
+  model</a>.</span></p><p id="table-descriptions">For tables that consist of more than just
   a grid of cells with headers in the first row and headers in the
   first column, and for any table in general where the reader might
   have difficulty understanding the content, authors should include

Index: spec.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/spec.html,v
retrieving revision 1.1333
retrieving revision 1.1334
diff -u -d -r1.1333 -r1.1334
--- spec.html	30 Nov 2010 02:46:41 -0000	1.1333
+++ spec.html	30 Nov 2010 20:46:44 -0000	1.1334
@@ -385,7 +385,7 @@
     <a href="Overview.html">single page HTML</a>,
     <a href="spec.html">multipage HTML</a>,
     <a href="author/">web developer edition</a>.
-This is revision 1.4554.
+This is revision 1.4555.
      <p class="copyright"><a href="http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/ipr-notice#Copyright">Copyright</a>
    &#169; 2010 <a href="http://www.w3.org/"><abbr title="World Wide
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