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Update of /sources/public/html5/html-xhtml-author-guide
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Added section IDs throughout; added class attribute to high-level section tags to explicitly point out that content is informative.

Index: html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/html-xhtml-author-guide/html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html,v
retrieving revision 1.12
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -d -r1.12 -r1.13
--- html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html	26 May 2010 17:57:26 -0000	1.12
+++ html-xhtml-authoring-guide.html	27 May 2010 21:06:36 -0000	1.13
@@ -93,13 +93,11 @@
 class="introductory">Table of Contents</h2><ul class="toc"><li 
 class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#introduction"><span 
 class="secno">1. </span>Introduction</a></li><li class="tocline"><a 
-class="tocxref" href="#processing-instructions-and-the-xml-declaration"><span
- class="secno">2. </span><span class="formerLink" name="PI-and-xml">Processing
- Instructions and the XML Declaration</span></a></li><li class="tocline"><a
- class="tocxref" href="#character-encoding"><span class="secno">3. </span><span
- class="formerLink" name="character-encoding">Character Encoding</span></a></li><li
- class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#the-doctype"><span 
-class="secno">4. </span>The DOCTYPE</a></li><li class="tocline"><a 
+class="tocxref" href="#PI-and-xml"><span class="secno">2. </span>Processing
+ Instructions and the XML Declaration</a></li><li class="tocline"><a 
+class="tocxref" href="#character-encoding"><span class="secno">3. </span>Character
+ Encoding</a></li><li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#doctype"><span
+ class="secno">4. </span>The DOCTYPE</a></li><li class="tocline"><a 
 class="tocxref" href="#namespaces"><span class="secno">5. </span>Namespaces</a></li><li
  class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#elements"><span class="secno">6.
  </span>Elements</a><ul class="toc"><li class="tocline"><a 
@@ -125,11 +123,9 @@
  Script and Style</a></li><li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" 
 href="#in-line-script-and-style"><span class="secno">9.2 </span>In-line 
 Script and Style</a></li></ul></li><li class="tocline"><a 
-class="secno">10. </span>Exceptions from the Foreign Content Parsing 
-Rules</a></li><li class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" 
-href="#acknowledgements"><span class="secno">A. </span>Acknowledgements</a></li><li
+class="tocxref" href="#foreign-content"><span class="secno">10. </span>Exceptions
+ from the Foreign Content Parsing Rules</a></li><li class="tocline"><a 
+class="tocxref" href="#acknowledgements"><span class="secno">A. </span>Acknowledgements</a></li><li
  class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#references"><span 
 class="secno">B. </span>References</a><ul class="toc"><li 
 class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#normative-references"><span 
@@ -137,8 +133,9 @@
 class="tocline"><a class="tocxref" href="#informative-references"><span 
 class="secno">B.2 </span>Informative references</a></li></ul></li></ul></div>
-    <div class="section" id="introduction">
-      <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">1. </span>Introduction</h2>
+    <div id="introduction" class="section informative">
+      <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">1. </span>Introduction</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
         It is often valuable to be able to serve HTML5 documents that 
 are also valid XML documents. 
@@ -149,20 +146,12 @@
 and XML parsers is called <dfn id="dfn-polyglot">polyglot</dfn>. 
 		Polyglot is the overlap language of documents which are both HTML5 
 documents and XML documents. 
-        	<!-- <ul>
- 			TODO: in this section:
-        		<li>Offer "top-tier" summary of general guidelines to conform to polyglot language.</li>
-        		<li>Link to more detailed analysis below.</li>
-        	</ul>  -->
-	<div class="section" 
-	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">2. </span><a name="PI-and-xml">Processing
- Instructions and the XML Declaration</a></h2>
+	<div id="PI-and-xml" class="section informative">
+	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">2. </span>Processing Instructions
+ and the XML Declaration</h2><p><em>This section is non-normative.</em></p>
 			You <em title="must not" class="rfc2119">must not</em> use processing
  instructions in a polyglot document. 
@@ -173,9 +162,9 @@
 			<!-- TODO: Add Normative link once generated --> 
-	<div class="section" id="character-encoding">
-	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">3. </span><a 
-name="character-encoding">Character Encoding</a></h2>
+	<div id="character-encoding" class="section informative">
+	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">3. </span>Character Encoding</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
 			You <em title="may" class="rfc2119">may</em> use either UTF-8 or 
 UTF-16, although generally UTF-8 is preferred.  If you use UTF-16, you <em
@@ -210,8 +199,9 @@
-	<div class="section" id="the-doctype">
-	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">4. </span>The DOCTYPE</h2>
+	<div id="doctype" class="section informative">
+	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">4. </span>The DOCTYPE</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
 		For a polyglot document, you <em title="must" class="rfc2119">must</em>
  use the <code>&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;</code> doctype. 
@@ -222,8 +212,9 @@
-    <div class="section" id="namespaces">
-      <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">5. </span>Namespaces</h2>
+    <div id="namespaces" class="section informative">
+      <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">5. </span>Namespaces</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
         The following rules apply to namespaces used in polyglot 
@@ -261,8 +252,9 @@
-    <div class="section" id="elements">
-    <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">6. </span>Elements</h2>
+    <div id="elements" class="section informative">
+    <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">6. </span>Elements</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
 	    <div class="section" id="required-elements">
 	    <h3><span class="secno">6.1 </span>Required Elements</h3>
@@ -563,8 +555,9 @@
-	<div class="section" id="attributes">
-	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">7. </span>Attributes</h2>
+	<div id="attributes" class="section informative">
+	<!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">7. </span>Attributes</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
 		<p>Avoid line breaks and multiple white space characters within 
 attribute values. These are handled inconsistently by user agents.</p>
 		<p>Attribute values <em title="must" class="rfc2119">must</em> be 
@@ -575,9 +568,9 @@
-    <div class="section" id="named-entity-references">
+    <div id="named-entity-references" class="section informative">
       <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">8. </span>Named Entity 
+References</h2><p><em>This section is non-normative.</em></p>
         You <em title="must" class="rfc2119">must</em> use only the 
 following named entity references:
@@ -596,8 +589,9 @@
-    <div class="section" id="script-and-style">
-      <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">9. </span>Script and Style</h2>
+    <div id="script-and-style" class="section informative">
+      <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">9. </span>Script and Style</h2><p><em>This
+ section is non-normative.</em></p>
         Script and style commands <em title="should" class="rfc2119">should</em>
  be included by linking to external files rather than including them 
@@ -690,10 +684,10 @@
-    <div class="section" 
+    <div id="foreign-content" class="section informative">
       <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">10. </span>Exceptions from 
-the Foreign Content Parsing Rules</h2>
+the Foreign Content Parsing Rules</h2><p><em>This section is 
         <!-- TODO: Need to call out exceptions from the foreign content parsing rules (e.g. <foreignContent> -->
@@ -703,7 +697,8 @@
     <div id="acknowledgements" class="appendix section">
       <!--OddPage--><h2><span class="secno">A. </span>Acknowledgements</h2>
-        Many thanks to Tony Ross, Jonas Sicking, and Sam Ruby.
+        Many thanks to Daniel Glazman, Tony Ross, Sam Ruby, Jonas 
+Sicking, Henri Sivonen, and Philip Taylor . 
   <div class="appendix section" id="references"><!--OddPage--><h2><span 
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