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@@ -316,13 +316,24 @@
 <dt id="escalation-step3">3. Discussion</dt>
-<dd>The Change Proposal (or multiple Proposals) may be discussed and
+<dd><p>The Change Proposal (or multiple Proposals) may be discussed and
 revised for a reasonable period. Authors of Change Proposals are
 strongly encouraged to seek consensus and revise their Change
 Proposals to gain more support. Change Proposals that do not see wide
 support are unlikely to succeed. Once an outcome is clear or no more
 productive discussion is happening, the chairs proceed to the next
+<b>Note:</b> Editors may make changes that impact an issue under
+discussion, but that the editor is expected to identify on the mailing
+list any changes that may affect submitted Change Proposals. If there
+is an issue but no pending Change Proposal, then the editor is
+encouraged but not required to identify changes that may affect the
+issue. In the case of some issues, it may be difficult to even
+identify what changes would affect it without seeing a Change
 <dt>4. Call for Consensus</dt>
 <dd>If the chairs believe it is clear whether the existing spec or
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