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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 22:19:57 +0000
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Update of /sources/public/html5/postmsg
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Mention that postMessage() won't work when the target hasn't loaded yet. (whatwg r5217)

Index: Overview.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/postmsg/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.53
retrieving revision 1.54
diff -u -d -r1.53 -r1.54
--- Overview.html	23 Jul 2010 08:05:40 -0000	1.53
+++ Overview.html	28 Jul 2010 22:19:55 -0000	1.54
@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@
    <h1>HTML5 Web Messaging</h1>
    <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="generatedID"></h2>
-   <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="editor-s-draft-23-july-2010">Editor's Draft 23 July 2010</h2>
+   <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="editor-s-draft-28-july-2010">Editor's Draft 28 July 2010</h2>
    <dl><dt>Latest Published Version:</dt>
     <dd><a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/postmsg/">http://www.w3.org/TR/postmsg/</a></dd>
     <dt>Latest Editor's Draft:</dt>
@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@
   Group</a> is the W3C working group responsible for this
   specification's progress along the W3C Recommendation
-  This specification is the 23 July 2010 Editor's Draft.
+  This specification is the 28 July 2010 Editor's Draft.
   </p><!-- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH TO BE REMOVED OR EDITED WITHOUT TALKING TO IAN FIRST --><!-- relationship to other work (required) --><p>Work on this specification is also done at the <a href="http://www.whatwg.org/">WHATWG</a>. The W3C HTML working group
   actively pursues convergence with the WHATWG, as required by the <a href="http://www.w3.org/2007/03/HTML-WG-charter">W3C HTML working
   group charter</a>.</p><!-- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH TO BE REMOVED OR EDITED WITHOUT TALKING TO IAN FIRST --><!-- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH TO BE REMOVED OR EDITED WITHOUT TALKING TO IAN FIRST --><!-- context and rationale (required) --><!-- (this text is from the RDFa+HTML spec --><p>This specification is an extension to the HTML5 language. All
@@ -630,7 +630,17 @@
-  </dl><div class="impl">
+  </dl><p class="note">When posting a message to a <code>Window</code> of a
+  <span>browsing context</span> that has just been navigated to a new
+  <code>Document</code> is likely to result in the message not
+  receiving its intended recipient: the scripts in the target
+  <span>browsing context</span> have to have had time to set up
+  listeners for the messages. Thus, for instance, in situations where
+  a message is to be sent to the <code>Window</code> of newly created
+  child <code>iframe</code>, authors are advised to have the child
+  <code>Document</code> post a message to their parent announcing
+  their readiness to receive messages, and for the parent to wait for
+  this message before beginning posting messages.<div class="impl">
   <p>When a script invokes the <dfn id="dom-window-postmessage" title="dom-window-postMessage"><code>postMessage(<var title="">message</var>, <var title="">targetOrigin</var>, <var title="">ports</var>)</code></dfn> method (with two or three
   arguments) on a <code>Window</code> object, the user agent must
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