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Describe the model expected of processors that would allow vCard, iCalendar, BibTeX, etc, extraction. (whatwg r3107)

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--- Overview.html	16 May 2009 02:18:04 -0000	1.2264
+++ Overview.html	16 May 2009 10:10:05 -0000	1.2265
@@ -39266,7 +39266,32 @@
   purposes of refering to the data defined in that item from RDF.<p>A single property with the name <code title="md-about"><a href="#md-about">about</a></code> may be present within each <a href="#concept-item" title="concept-item">item</a>. Its <a href="#concept-property-value" title="concept-property-value">value</a> must be an
   <a href="#absolute-url">absolute URL</a>.<h3 id="converting-html-to-other-formats"><span class="secno">5.5 </span>Converting HTML to other formats</h3><p>In all these algorithms, unless otherwise stated, operations that
   iterate over a series of elements (whether items, properties, or
-  otherwise) must do so in <a href="#tree-order">tree order</a>.<h4 id="json"><span class="secno">5.5.1 </span>JSON</h4><p>Given a node <var title="">node</var> in a <code>Document</code>,
+  otherwise) must do so in <a href="#tree-order">tree order</a>.<p>A generic API upon which the vocaulary-specific conversions
+  defined below (vCard, iCalendar, BibTeX) can be built will need to
+  provide the following information when given a <code>Document</code>
+  (or equivalent):<ul><li><a href="#the-document-s-current-address">The document's current address</a>.</li>
+   <li>The <code><a href="#textcontent">textContent</a></code> of <a href="#the-title-element-0">the <code>title</code>
+   element</a>, if any.</li>
+   <li>The list of <a href="#top-level-microdata-items">top-level microdata items</a>.</li>
+   <li>For each <a href="#concept-item" title="concept-item">item</a>, the list of
+   properties that have that <a href="#concept-item" title="concept-item">item</a> as
+   their <a href="#concept-item-corresponding" title="concept-item-corresponding">corresponding
+   item</a>.</li>
+   <li>For each property, its <a href="#property-names" title="property
+   names">name</a>.</li>
+   <li>For each property, its <a href="#concept-property-value" title="concept-property-value">value</a> (which might be a
+   further <a href="#concept-item" title="concept-item">item</a>).</li>
+   <li>For each property, if its <a href="#concept-property-value" title="concept-property-value">value</a> is not itself an <a href="#concept-item" title="concept-item">item</a>, whether the element is a
+   <code><a href="#the-time-element">time</a></code> element, a <a href="#url-property-elements" title="URL property
+   elements">URL property element</a>, or another element.</li>
+  </ul><h4 id="json"><span class="secno">5.5.1 </span>JSON</h4><p>Given a node <var title="">node</var> in a <code>Document</code>,
   a user agent must run the following algorithm to extract that node's
   microdata into a JSON form:<ol><li><p>Let <var title="">result</var> be an empty object.</li>
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