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html5/spec Overview.html,1.917,1.918

From: Ian Hickson via cvs-syncmail <cvsmail@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 18:55:11 +0000
To: public-html-commits@w3.org
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Update of /sources/public/html5/spec
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Allow xml:base explicitly. (whatwg r1729)

Index: Overview.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.917
retrieving revision 1.918
diff -u -d -r1.917 -r1.918
--- Overview.html	6 Jun 2008 11:29:36 -0000	1.917
+++ Overview.html	6 Jun 2008 18:55:08 -0000	1.918
@@ -466,19 +466,22 @@
         <code>lang</code> (HTML only) and <code>xml:lang</code> (XML only)
-       <li><a href="#the-dir"><span class=secno>3.4.4 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#the-xmlbase"><span class=secno>3.4.4 </span>The
+        <code>xml:base</code> attribute (XML only)</a>
+       <li><a href="#the-dir"><span class=secno>3.4.5 </span>The
         <code>dir</code> attribute</a>
-       <li><a href="#classes"><span class=secno>3.4.5 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#classes"><span class=secno>3.4.6 </span>The
         <code>class</code> attribute</a>
-       <li><a href="#the-irrelevant"><span class=secno>3.4.6 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#the-irrelevant"><span class=secno>3.4.7 </span>The
         <code>irrelevant</code> attribute</a>
-       <li><a href="#the-style"><span class=secno>3.4.7 </span>The
+       <li><a href="#the-style"><span class=secno>3.4.8 </span>The
         <code>style</code> attribute</a>
-       <li><a href="#embedding"><span class=secno>3.4.8 </span>Embedding
+       <li><a href="#embedding"><span class=secno>3.4.9 </span>Embedding
         custom non-visible data</a>
@@ -2425,10 +2428,12 @@
      used in this specification for resolving relative URIs in DOM trees. <a
-    <p class=note>It is possible for <code
-     title=attr-xml-base>xml:base</code> attributes to be present even in
+    <p class=note>It is possible for <code title=attr-xml-base><a
+     href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code> attributes to be present even in
      HTML fragments, as such attributes can be added dynamically using
-     script.</p>
+     script. (Such scripts would not be conforming, however, as <code
+     title=attr-xml-base><a href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code> attributes as
+     not allowed in <a href="#html-">HTML documents</a>.)</p>
@@ -7033,7 +7038,19 @@
    must <a href="#reflect">reflect</a> the <code title=attr-lang><a
    href="#lang">lang</a></code> content attribute.
-  <h4 id=the-dir><span class=secno>3.4.4 </span>The <dfn id=dir
+  <h4 id=the-xmlbase><span class=secno>3.4.4 </span>The <dfn id=xmlbase
+   title=attr-xml-base><code>xml:base</code></dfn> attribute (XML only)</h4>
+  <p>The <code title=attr-xml-base><a href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code>
+   attribute is defined in XML Base. <a href="#references">[XMLBASE]</a>
+  <p>The <code title=attr-xml-base><a href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code>
+   attribute may be used on elements of <a href="#xml-documents">XML
+   documents</a>. Authors must not use the <code title=attr-xml-base><a
+   href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code> attribute in <a href="#html-">HTML
+   documents</a>.
+  <h4 id=the-dir><span class=secno>3.4.5 </span>The <dfn id=dir
    title=attr-dir><code>dir</code></dfn> attribute</h4>
   <p>The <code title=attr-dir><a href="#dir">dir</a></code> attribute
@@ -7068,7 +7085,7 @@
    known values</a>. If there is no such element, then the attribute must
    return the empty string and do nothing on setting.
-  <h4 id=classes><span class=secno>3.4.5 </span>The <dfn id=class
+  <h4 id=classes><span class=secno>3.4.6 </span>The <dfn id=class
    title=attr-class><code>class</code></dfn> attribute</h4>
   <p>Every <a href="#html-elements" title="HTML elements">HTML element</a>
@@ -7100,7 +7117,7 @@
    attributes must both <a href="#reflect">reflect</a> the <code
    title=attr-class><a href="#class">class</a></code> content attribute.
-  <h4 id=the-irrelevant><span class=secno>3.4.6 </span>The <dfn id=irrelevant
+  <h4 id=the-irrelevant><span class=secno>3.4.7 </span>The <dfn id=irrelevant
    title=attr-irrelevant><code>irrelevant</code></dfn> attribute</h4>
   <p>All elements may have the <code title=attr-irrelevant><a
@@ -7154,7 +7171,7 @@
    title=dom-irrelevant><code>irrelevant</code></dfn> DOM attribute must <a
    href="#reflect">reflect</a> the content attribute of the same name.
-  <h4 id=the-style><span class=secno>3.4.7 </span>The <dfn id=style
+  <h4 id=the-style><span class=secno>3.4.8 </span>The <dfn id=style
    title=attr-style><code>style</code></dfn> attribute</h4>
   <p>All elements may have the <code title=attr-style><a
@@ -7197,7 +7214,7 @@
 background: transparent">blue&lt;/span>.&lt;/p></pre>
-  <h4 id=embedding><span class=secno>3.4.8 </span><dfn
+  <h4 id=embedding><span class=secno>3.4.9 </span><dfn
    id=embedding0>Embedding custom non-visible data</dfn></h4>
   <p>A <dfn id=custom>custom data attribute</dfn> is an attribute whose name
@@ -7839,9 +7856,10 @@
   <p>If the base URI given by this attribute is a relative URI, it must be
    resolved relative to the higher-level base URIs (i.e. the base URI from
    the encapsulating entity or the URI used to retrieve the entity) to obtain
-   an absolute base URI. All <code title=attr-xml-base>xml:base</code>
-   attributes must be ignored when resolving relative URIs in this <code
-   title=attr-base-href><a href="#href">href</a></code> attribute.
+   an absolute base URI. All <code title=attr-xml-base><a
+   href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code> attributes must be ignored when
+   resolving relative URIs in this <code title=attr-base-href><a
+   href="#href">href</a></code> attribute.
   <p class=note>If there are multiple <code><a href="#base">base</a></code>
    elements with <code title=att-base-href>href</code> attributes, all but
@@ -8109,8 +8127,8 @@
    order that they were given in the HTTP entity header. Relative URIs in
    these headers are resolved according to the rules given in HTTP, not
    relative to base URIs set by the document (e.g. using a <code><a
-   href="#base">base</a></code> element or <code
-   title=attr-xml-base>xml:base</code> attributes). <a
+   href="#base">base</a></code> element or <code title=attr-xml-base><a
+   href="#xmlbase">xml:base</a></code> attributes). <a
    href="#references">[RFC2616]</a> <a href="#references">[RFC2068]</a>
   <p>The DOM attributes <dfn id=href2
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