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html5/spec Overview.html,1.1754,1.1755

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Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 08:11:11 +0000
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Update of /sources/public/html5/spec
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Vaguely try to handwave a better definition of 'subtree' into the spec. (whatwg r2584)

Index: Overview.html
RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.1754
retrieving revision 1.1755
diff -u -d -r1.1754 -r1.1755
--- Overview.html	25 Dec 2008 00:25:25 -0000	1.1754
+++ Overview.html	25 Dec 2008 08:11:08 -0000	1.1755
@@ -1198,7 +1198,8 @@
   node itself if it has no ancestors. When the node is a part of the
   document, then that is indeed the document's root element; however,
   if the node is not currently part of the document tree, the root
-  element will be an orphaned node.<p>The <code>Document</code> of a <code>Node</code> (such as an
+  element will be an orphaned node.<p>A node's <dfn id=home-subtree>home subtree</dfn> is the subtree rooted at that
+  node's <a href=#root-element>root element</a>.<p>The <code>Document</code> of a <code>Node</code> (such as an
   element) is the <code>Document</code> that the <code>Node</code>'s
   <code title="">ownerDocument</code> DOM attribute returns.<p>An element is said to have been <dfn id=insert-an-element-into-a-document title="insert an element
   into a document">inserted into a document</dfn> when its <a href=#root-element>root
@@ -5417,14 +5418,14 @@
   part of the namespace declaration mechanism, and an element cannot
   actually have an <code title="">xmlns</code> attribute in no
   namespace specified.<h5 id=the-id-attribute><span class=secno> </span>The <dfn title=attr-id><code>id</code></dfn> attribute</h5><p>The <code title=attr-id><a href=#the-id-attribute>id</a></code> attribute represents its
-  element's unique identifier. The value must be unique in the subtree
-  within which the element finds itself and must contain at least one
+  element's unique identifier. The value must be unique in the
+  element's <a href=#home-subtree>home subtree</a> and must contain at least one
   character. The value must not contain any <a href=#space-character title="space
   character">space characters</a>.</p><!-- space characters are disallowed because space-separated lists
   of IDs otherwise would not be able to reach all valid IDs --><p>If the value is not the empty string, user agents must associate
   the element with the given value (exactly, including any space
-  characters) for the purposes of ID matching within the subtree the
-  element finds itself (e.g. for selectors in CSS or for the
+  characters) for the purposes of ID matching within the element's
+  <a href=#home-subtree>home subtree</a> (e.g. for selectors in CSS or for the
   <code>getElementById()</code> method in the DOM).<p>Identifiers are opaque strings. Particular meanings should not be
   derived from the value of the <code title=attr-id><a href=#the-id-attribute>id</a></code>
   attribute.<p>This specification doesn't preclude an element having multiple
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