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HTML Feature Suggestion

From: DocMoD <doc.mod@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 16:38:50 -0400
To: <public-html-comments@w3.org>
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I tried to post this on your web, but there was a javascript error on the


I am suggesting a replacement for the "Frameset". IMO, there is still a need
for this type of presentation in specific context. The example I will use
here is uninterrupted media presentation along with the document
(specifically audio). 


Case: With the social media boom of today, there are more established and
undiscovered Songwriters / Composers, Music Producers, Vocalist and
Musicians (herein referred to as Artist) that are establishing a web
presence. This has become so big that Billboard created a chart specific to
this; <a href="http://www.billboard.com/charts/social-50">Billboard Social

As a developer and a composer, I see the desire for an artist to want to
present relevant content to their user base. Relevant content meaning (in
this context) copy and music. I also see the desire for the user to have
this presentation in a manner to where one does not disrupt the other. 


Before I continue, I have to state that I do not advocate any kind of audio
starting immediately when a site first loads (as a matter of fact, I HATE
THIS). I also acknowledge the past problems with framesets and agree with
the developers coined statement that, "Frames Are Evil".


Now, with today's available technology, there are several ways to achieve
un-interrupted media presentation while the user progresses through a site:

    1) Use Ajax to prevent the entire document from flushing.

    2) Use a plug-in type technology (i.e. Silverlight or Flash) to deliver
the presentation

    3) Use a Frameset.

I personally would like to see this delivery option stay within HTML,
especially with the merging of media presentation in the HTML 5 spec.

I do agree that framesets in its current form should be degraded. However,
with a replacement such as Media Frameset (or the like). This should also
have some restrictions as such:

    1) The mediaframeset cannot be indexed by search engines.

    2) The mediaframeset cannot be the sites primary delivery mechanism. It
can only be launched from within the domain (e.g. button click etc)

    3) The mediaframeset should only present content from within the domain.
This is with the exception of communicating with an API of an external

    4) The mediaframeset should allow cross-frame scripting only if the
script exists in the domain.


The mediaframeset should also have some enhancements as such:

    1) The mediaframeset should be stylable with CSS for the purpose of
creating skinlike themes. Would need properties closely related to what is
available to the body tag.

    2) The mediaframeset should have the child tags <mediaframe /> and
<contentframe /> only for example.

    3) The mediaframeset should expose its head section to the contents
frames server side or client side code / script so that the site url's and
meta data can be properly presented. The user should receive the benifit of
the media presentation without restriction of proper bookmarking, url paths


There are more considerations here, but by now, you get the idea.


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