OK, some more typos, freshly verified today the (June the 26th, 2010) as of Revision: 1.4105

In section 4.10.9 The select element
"On setting, the value attribute must set the selectedness of all the option elements in the list of options to false, and then first the option element..."
I believe the intention is "the first".

In section Context menus
"This adds to items to the control's context menu, one called "Pick random name"..."
"two" is probably more fit.

In section Link type "license"
In the example given is twice found "Exampl Pictures"
No clue whether this is intended to be an e-less dummy name or it's just a typo, since it's both in the <title> and the <small> elements

In section 5.1.1 Nested browsing contexts
In the algorithm returning the list of the descendant browsing contexts, step 2, is written:
"...in the tree order of the elements of the elements nesting..."
One "of the elements" too many, obviously.

In section Event handlers
At the end of the section is written :
"The return value of the function is affects whether..."

In section Event firing
"The default action of these event is to do nothing..."
"s" missing for the plural "events"

In section 7.6.1 APIs for the browsing context selection
Defining the API, two lines are mis-written, I believe :
"The anchorNode attribute must return the value returned by the startContainer attribute of the last Range object in the list, or null if the list is empty."
"The anchorOffset attribute must return the value returned by the startOffset attribute of the last Range object in the list, or 0 if the list is empty."
should mention rather the "first Range" except if I got it all wrong, which could be so.

In section 7.7 The contenteditable attribute
In line
"The contentEditable IDL attribute, on getting, must return the string "true" if the content attribute is set to the true state, false" if the content attribute..."
the first quote around "last" is missing.

In section 7.9.4 Drag-and-drop processing model
Two mistakes involved here (did I mention that reading this section gave me headaches ? ;)
"Perform drag-and-drop initialization steps defined in other relevant specificaations."
is the first one, and closely later down, the step 2 of the part describing how dataTransfer has data added to it says:
"For each node in nodes:" as if "nodes" had just been defined, and it is not.

Hope this contributes.
If anyone find typos in this message... Well they should.
Lobotom Dysmon