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Re: A few typos

From: Lobotom Dysmon <lobotom.da.dismon@free.fr>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 08:09:06 +0200
Message-ID: <4C298E02.2040004@free.fr>
To: public-html-comments@w3.org
OK, some more typos, freshly verified today the (June the 26th, 2010) as 
of Revision: 1.4105

In section _4.10.9 The select element_
"On setting, the value attribute must set the selectedness of all the 
option elements in the list of options to false, and then *first the 
*option element..."
I believe the intention is "the first".

In section _4.11.4.3 Context menus_
"This adds *to* items to the control's context menu, one called "Pick 
random name"..."
"t*w*o" is probably more fit.

In section _4.12.3.8 Link type "license"_
In the example given is twice found "*Exampl* Pictures"
No clue whether this is intended to be an e-less dummy name or it's just 
a typo, since it's both in the <title> and the <small> elements

In section _5.1.1 Nested browsing contexts_
In the algorithm returning the list of the descendant browsing contexts, 
step 2, is written:
"...in the tree order of the elements *of the elements* nesting..."
One "of the elements" too many, obviously.

In section _6.1.6.1 Event handlers_
At the end of the section is written :
"The return value of the function *is affects *whether..."

In section _6.1.6.3 Event firing_
"The default action of these *event* is to do nothing..."
"s" missing for the plural "events"

In section _7.6.1 APIs for the browsing context selection_
Defining the API, two lines are mis-written, I believe :
"The anchorNode attribute must return the value returned by the 
startContainer attribute of the *last *Range object in the list, or null 
if the list is empty."
"The anchorOffset attribute must return the value returned by the 
startOffset attribute of the *last* Range object in the list, or 0 if 
the list is empty."
should mention rather the "first Range" except if I got it all wrong, 
which could be so.

In section _7.7 The contenteditable attribute_
In line
"The contentEditable IDL attribute, on getting, must return the string 
"true" if the content attribute is set to the true state, *false" *if 
the content attribute..."
the first quote around "last" is missing.

In section _7.9.4 Drag-and-drop processing model_
Two mistakes involved here (did I mention that reading this section gave 
me headaches ? ;)
"Perform drag-and-drop initialization steps defined in other relevant 
is the first one, and closely later down, the step 2 of the part 
describing how dataTransfer has data added to it says:
"For each node in */nodes/*:" as if "/nodes/" had just been defined, and 
it is not.

Hope this contributes.
If anyone find typos in this message... Well they should.
Lobotom Dysmon
Received on Tuesday, 29 June 2010 06:09:37 UTC

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