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[Bug 21798] Revisit MediaKeyError codes

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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:57:18 +0000
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--- Comment #14 from Joe Steele <steele@adobe.com> ---
(In reply to David Dorwin from comment #13)
> Should the ERROR state be terminal? In the current state machine, it appears
> to be so.

I don't think it should always be terminal.

> Some scenarios to consider:
> * Output protection error: the session might have other keys whose
> requirements can be met when new media data is provided. Should we really
> require that a new session be created (along with the accompanying message
> exchange and associated latency)?

I assume you mean MEDIA_KEYERR_OUTPUT specifically. This is sometimes
recoverable. MEDIA_KEYERR_HARDWARECHANGE I would not expect to be recoverable.
We have still not nailed down the differences between MEDIA_KEYERR_OUTPUT and
MEDIA_KEYERR_HARDWARECHANGE but this is one of them.

> * License renewal: If a license expires because it cannot be renewed (i.e.
> lost network connection) then can subsequently be renewed, should we require
> that the application start over with a new license request when it could
> just provide a renewal message (via update())?

MEDIA_KEYERR_SERVICE or MEDIA_KEYERR_DOMAIN may be be recoverable. But how this
gets resolved is key system and server specific. I would  expect these errors
to be followed with a keyrequest message, which the application would then have
to deal with to recover.

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