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[Bug 12235] Make <xmp> conforming

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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 11:00:09 +0000
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--- Comment #22 from Aryeh Gregor <ayg@aryeh.name> ---
(In reply to Carl Smith from comment #21)
> That doesn't handle tabs, and there's other problems with it.

It handles tabs exactly the same as <xmp>, AFAICT.  How does it handle tabs
differently?  And what are the other problems with it?

> It takes a long time on the server to actually do all the cgi escapes, and
> `output = output.replace( '<', '&lt;')` stuff. Tabulated strings also have
> to be converted to HTML tables. It's just a lot of work that isn't needed in
> a time critical part of the code. When you hit enter in a shell, you expect
> output with no delay. This can't take tenths of seconds without making
> things feel crappy.

Doing a replace of two characters on the whole string does not take tenths of
seconds.  It requires two compares and one copy per byte, which should take
less than a millisecond on any string you'd display in a shell.  Please provide
a benchmark that demonstrates this takes a perceptible amount of time for
strings you'd expect to find in a shell if you want to support your case.

> Dirty hacks have been the normal way to do web programming for years, but
> that's not the way forward. We'll end up with a 3rd party <x-xmp> tag before
> too long, or more than one.
> Please reconsider.

You have not yet presented any advantage of <xmp> over <pre> plus escaping that
I can see.  Only that it handles tabs differently (without demonstrating that
this is true, and I'm quite sure it's not); that it takes tenths of seconds to
replace & and < (without demonstrating that this is true, and I'm quite sure
it's not); that there are other problems (without saying what they are); and
that you think it's a dirty hack (which is a matter of opinion and I happen to
disagree).  If you would like anyone to change things, you should provide more
evidence and reasoning to support your case.

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