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[Bug 21854] Define MediaKeySession life cycle states and/or events

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Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2013 14:50:43 +0000
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--- Comment #20 from Adrian Bateman [MSFT] <adrianba@microsoft.com> ---
(In reply to Adrian Bateman [MSFT] from comment #19)
> Issues still unresolved:
> 1) I did not remove keyadded. We should decide whether this is now removed.
> I don't believe it has any purpose.

I propose that we remove keyadded. It is not needed.

> 2) I did not add the state variable as an attribute. If we add this, we need
> to decide is it a string or integer.

I seem to be the only one arguing for this. It seems like there consensus is
"don't care" and I'm happy to leave it out for now.

> 3) I did not add the transition from READY to ERROR. I'm not sure where in
> the text this transition should be described.

I don't think there needs to be a transition from READY to ERROR. I think
errors should only occur on the MediaKeySession that are related to in-flight
key exchanges either after creating the session or while it is PENDING. If an
error occurs in the READY state then this should be thrown against the media
element since it presumably is going to cause playback to halt.

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