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[Bug 17684] Wiki documentation of Pragma directive requirements are unworkable as currently written

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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 11:55:20 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from theimp@iinet.net.au ---
I do not think that this is a satisfactory response.

It is of course the spec. writer's prerogative as to when and which bugs are
resolved, but as stated, the spec. is contradictory and therefore
unimplementable as currently written.

Any one of the many obvious solutions (most of which are semantic and not
technical) would serve well enough for now, even if they are not ideal in the
long term. However, I disagree strongly with not addressing this in any way at
this stage, because the current state benefits no-one.

There is already evidence that, for example, validator user agents have
completely refused to implement the contents of the wiki in any way, and this
bug is one of many reasons why (along with other issues such as the spontaneity
of updates to the wiki, and the unavailability of the wiki content as
machine-readable output).

As it is already unimplemented, and there is both observed and documented
dissatisfaction with the current state of the spec. by vendors, in respect of
this bug, I do not think that "deal with it in the indefinite future" is

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