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[Bug 19159] allow use of hidden for tab panels

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Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 22:19:40 +0000
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Peter Winnberg <peter.winnberg@gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Peter Winnberg <peter.winnberg@gmail.com> 2012-10-02 22:19:40 UTC ---
I do agree with that paragraph from the specification that there are different
kinds of hidden content.

If we take the tabbed interface as an example, this does not work (as) well in
situations where you have limited horizontal space like on a cell phone
display. So one way to handle that could be that on a display that is big
enough you get a tabbed interface but on a cell phone it would be presented in
a different way where none of the content is hidden and you could reach all of
it using scrolling (another way to handle overflow). Scripts are always
involved when you interact with a tabbed interface so obviously they would have
to detect which presentation that currently is being used so that something
different (or nothing at all) is done when the “tabs” are activated on a cell
phone. So it makes sense to use display:none here so that it could change using
e.g. media queries on a smaller display.

There are situations where you have content that should be hidden regardless of
how you present it, like a dialog box with an error message about an error that
didn’t occur (yet anyway). Situations like this is what the hidden attribute is
for, at least that is the way I interpret the current text in the
specification. But on the other hand using display:none in all CSS media types
seems to do that too. I don’t think it is clear why a document author should
not just continue to use display:none for all hidden content.

I think that removing that paragraph would make it even less clear why the
hidden attribute should be used instead of display:none (other other method of
hiding things). I do however agree that something needs to change. Either
remove the hidden attribute completely from HTML5 or add a better description
about this attribute’s relationship with other methods of hiding content.

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