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[Bug 16497] HTML should provide a tag called <index> so that the authors of the web pages can enclose words and phrases that they think should be indexed. This would help search engines and others who would like to index web pages. Even the web authors could use a

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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 02:50:37 +0000
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theimp@iinet.net.au changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |theimp@iinet.net.au
            Summary|HTML should provide a tag   |HTML should provide a tag
                   |called <index> so that the  |called <index> so that the
                   |authors of the web pages    |authors of the web pages
                   |can enclose words and       |can enclose words and
                   |phrases that they think     |phrases that they think
                   |should be indexed.  This    |should be indexed.  This
                   |would help search engines   |would help search engines
                   |and others who would like   |and others who would like
                   |to index web pages.  Even   |to index web pages.  Even
                   |the web authors could use a |the web authors could use a

--- Comment #1 from theimp@iinet.net.au 2012-07-05 02:50:36 UTC ---
Unfortunately, as we have seen with the keywords meta attribute in the past,
this is open to abuse, to such a degree, that it will be unimplemented.

However, perhaps you could use <mark>, and if search engines develop algorithms
to determine levels of "trust" for documents, they could then optionally
consider your use of <mark> to have an effect similar to your proposal for

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