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[Bug 19591] Making the main content element a sectioning element

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Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 02:29:42 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Ian Yang <ian.html@gmail.com> ---
Today I saw a HTML5 template called HTML5 Bones (http://html5bones.com/). In
the index.html of the template, I noticed that <aside role="complementary" />
is placed within <section role="main" />. I then realized that the template is
right, and the example in my above mentioned proposal is wrong.

Complementary Content belongs to Main Content, so it should be placed within
Main Content. If you place Complementary Content outside of Main Content, you
are actually indicating that they have no association. Thank the template for
reminding me of this important thing.

So please allow me to correct my above example. The ideal HTML code and
document outline should be as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<main role="main">
    <h1>Main Content</h1>
        <h1>Brief Intro</h1>
    <aside role="complementary">
        <h1>Complementary Content</h1>
            <h1>Latest News</h1>
            <h1>Recent Comments</h1>

1. Branding
        1. Navigation
        2. Search
        3. Main Content
                1. Welcome
                2. Brief Intro
                3. Complementary Content
                        1. Latest News
                        2. Recent Comments

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