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[Bug 20174] Lacks way to support different image types

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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2012 21:12:00 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Marcos Caceres <w3c@marcosc.com> ---
from [1]:

Some images are best suited to a specific file type for reasons such as file
size optimization, alpha transparency, scalability, animation, etc. For
example, a photo usually requires good color depth, but does not require alpha
transparency or animation; JPEG or WebP are well-suited to these needs and
offer good optimization between image quality and file size. Icons are often
simpler in terms of color depth, but may require alpha transparency; the PNG
format is better-suited to these needs.

Sharing URLs for formats that are not interoperable across browsers is a
problem in the wild. See issue 11.

In a responsive design, images need to be displayed at different sizes. When
possible, a vector format such as SVG might be most appropriate. There have
also been proposals for new responsive image formats (see, for example,
Christopher Schmitt's .net article).

Although a web developer may want to use a specific image format, new or
otherwise, the browser may not always support it. Currently, developers are
forced to abandon the most suitable image format in favor of one that has good
user agent support.

[1] http://usecases.responsiveimages.org/#image-formats

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