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[Bug 12561] Add the @action in the <form> so that there is a way to submit to the same page

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Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 00:19:56 +0000
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--- Comment #31 from Luke Plant <L.Plant.98@cantab.net> 2011-11-21 00:19:55 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #30)

> 4) An alternative solution has been proposed - that HTML5 validators issue a
> warning for the problematic case of a specified 'base' element and @action=""
> or @action=" ". The solution appears to address the problem that exists for the
> '0.2%' without any of the disadvantages that banning an empty @action attribute
> would cause the '4%'.

Sorry, I forgot one point that Ian Hixie made in comment #20 - that if you only
issue the warning about @action="" when <base> is present, the author may be
unaware that simply adding a <base> could be problematic. Therefore, perhaps
the validator should issue a warning whenever it finds @action="". This warning
might be nuisance for the many legitimate cases of @action="" with no <base>,
but it is much better than issuing an error IMO.

Thanks again.

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