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[Bug 11402] One problem of todays JavaScript libraries is, that the client has to download the same library over and over again, while visiting multiple sites. One could use services like Google Libraries API for a central location, but that introduces new points of

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--- Comment #4 from Johannes Barre <igel@igels.net> 2010-11-30 14:50:07 UTC ---

I reported this proposal in the first place, sorry for not replying so far.

> The real problem with this is that it will bitrot.  If you update the file but
> don't update the hash in every single HTML file referring to it, then a bug
> will occur only for users who happen to have the old file in cache, which will
> be impossible to reproduce for other people.  Even if the user clears cache,
> another site might be repopulating it, so the bug will recur for them but not
> the site admin.  It's not obvious that the saved page loads are realistically
> worth the danger of this pitfall.  (C.f. resource packages.)

Thats true. How about this:

1) The browser supports the hash attribute
1 1) The browser supports the requested hash algorithm:
1 1 1) The library is already cached (Hash matches) -> Use the cached file
1 1 2) The library is not cached -> Download the hash file and check the hash
1 1 2 1) The downloaded file matches the hash -> Use the downloaded file
1 1 2 2) The downloaded file doesn't match the hash -> Discard the downloaded
file, raise an JS exception
1 2) The browser doesn't support the requested hash algorithm -> Download and
use the specified file
2) The brower doesn't support the hash attribute -> Download and use the
specified file

1 1 2 2) Would make the error easier to track.

Regards, Johannes

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