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[Bug 6684] Disregard of RFC 4329 and IANA MIME Media Types

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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:51:02 +0000
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Sierk Bornemann <sierkb@gmx.de> changed:

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--- Comment #33 from Sierk Bornemann <sierkb@gmx.de>  2010-03-14 16:51:01 ---
Although I am not very confident with it, I mark this bug as closed.
http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/infrastructure.html#dependencies makes a statement
about the willful violation of RFC 4329 and a reference to RFC 4329 itself.
My hope originally has been, that the HTML5 spec shouldn't intend to freeze
common habits (especially bad common habits) and instead give a more _leading
line_ to the users.
Although not confident with the compromise found all around, I don't want to
block the specification process with argueing and discussing. I find it a pity,
since RFC 4329 has a well thought, and also the http server Apache as well as
nearly all browser makers (except Microsoft with its IE, but that browser
doesn't even know of application/xhtml+xml...) have implemented changes in
their MIME tables in respect to that particular RFC 4329. HTML5 could be a good
cause/motive/trigger to help RFC 4329 be more observed. People do have to learn
some/many news stuff around HTML5, anyway.

So, I close the bug (a little bit contrited, but overruled) for the time being.

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