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[Bug 9898] The Decision Policy (as applied) is ineffective at getting closure on ISSUEs

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--- Comment #17 from Laura Carlson <laura.lee.carlson@gmail.com>  2010-06-14 16:22:18 ---
(In reply to comment #13)

> by allowing a grouped response--even though the
> change proposals were about individual items. 

Lumping all one person's proposals together, could be seen as a type of
personal attack. "Let's dispense with this in one feld swoop, as this person is
not worth the time to examine their ideas individually." 

(In reply to comment #15)

> The Chairs initially asked you to submit change proposals for your issues
> staggered, instead of all at once. You insisted on submitting them all at once.
> Therefore, we took steps to prevent this from overburdening the group. The
> resulting Change Proposal did in fact individually address all six issues.

Could the Chairs have staggered the call for counter proposals? 

The Chairs did in fact make decisions on each issue separately, although the
rationale presented in those change proposals was not addressed in the
decisions. (Bug 9901).

It is possible, however, that grouping proposals was because of the push to get
to last call...expediency. 

I am not sympathetic to the expediency plea, due to prior management failures. 

Management had little interest in putting out fires during the first two and a
half years of the HTMLWG. Accessibility needs were fumbled by the editor. WAI
was slow as molasses responding. Both PF and WHATWG have displayed
elitist/condescending attitudes which didn't help matters. We have no agreed to
design principles. The HTMLWG had no decision process for two and a half years.
Even now it is not a real consensus policy. It is a decision policy.

So now work is backed up. Three years worth of work needs to be completed in a
few months. 10 pounds of projects need to be through a 2-pound pipeline in a
multi-project environment. It is unrealistic. Either the timeline needs to be
moved out; the deliverables need to be trimmed; or more resources need to be

Management needs to deal with it.

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