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[Bug 9958] The DOCTYPE paragraph must explain and define the DOCTYPE rules better and more generally

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Franklin Tse <peaceable_whale@hotmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Franklin Tse <peaceable_whale@hotmail.com>  2010-07-10 04:23:54 ---
Sorry to reopen the report, but I would like to have some additional changes
related to DOCTYPE.

The spec says:
Polyglot markup should use the <!DOCTYPE html> document type declaration.
Polyglot markup conforms to the following rules for this document type

It shouild say:
Polyglot markup MUST have a document type declaration (DOCTYPE) specified by
section 8.1.1 of HTML5. In addition, the DOCTYPE MUST conform to the following

It's because the DOCTYPE is required in the HTML syntax of HTML5. This
MUST-level requirement should be preserved in the polyglot markup.

The part of "Other document type declarations can also be used... as these
document type declarations are not compatible with XHTML." can be removed.

Since the HTML syntax of HTML5 only permits certain DOCTYPEs, DOCTYPEs that are
not permitted by HTML5 should not be used. (Already reflected by chnage 1, if

The spec says:
"Note that polyglot markup cannot use document type declarations for HTML4,
HTML3, or HTML2, regardless of whether they contain a URI or not and regardless
of their effect in HTML5 parsers, as these document type declarations are not
compatible with XHTML."

It should say:
Although NOT RECOMMENDED, polyglot markup MAY use an obsolete permitted
DOCTYPE. However, DOCTYPE defined for HTML4 MUST NOT be used as they are not
not compatible with XHTML.

This emphasizes that obsolete permitted DOCTYPE should not be used and does
allow the use of DOCTYPE defined for HTML4.

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