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[Bug 7868] what about time zones? which one is used? local (may be difficult to find out)? is this communicated to the user? can he change it?

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--- Comment #12 from Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch@beonex.com>  2009-10-22 00:28:38 ---
Please provide an example of an event that has no timezone associated.

Periodicals like Christmas don't count, because they don't have a year.

Examples of dates with timezone:
* An all-day event
I have an all-day meeting or festival in Berlin. It's in the Berlin timezone.
If I don't specify a timezone, it's the timezone I am in (because most my
events are geographically near me, for practical purposes). *My* timezone is a
different timezone from another user, though.
* My parents are on vacation.
The timezone my parents are in.
* A deadline
Mozilla tree closure at 2009-10-29
Firefox 3.7 release at 2009-11-20.
Both are in PDT timezone.

You still have not responded to the case described in comment 5.

Other example:
A calendar site allows to find free time of other users, to schedule events.
The other user has an all-day event planned. I need to compare my time with the
all-day event. But I don't know the time zone the latter is in!

In Google Calendar, you have to specify your time zone. That should be
unnecessary! A user should not be bothered with time zones, unless he actually
jumps between them. Yet, the site needs to know the timezone for all time/date
specifications, for the reasons above.

I've struggled too many times with not having the timezone and needing it,
although it was not obvious to the programmer who created the data source. He
just assumed a timezone, like "the timezone of the user", and I didn't know
which the timezone of the user is and needed to compare.

If you just WONTFIX all comments that don't match your viewpoint, the spec
can't improve from other viewpoints!

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