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[Bug 7868] what about time zones? which one is used? local (may be difficult to find out)? is this communicated to the user? can he change it?

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--- Comment #8 from Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch@beonex.com>  2009-10-21 12:54:37 ---
> asks for a time zone explicitly at the same time

That's not what I propose.

Part of my comment was: "is this communicated to the user? can he change it?"

I propose that the browser gets the user's timezone from the OS (all modern OS
configure it, and many apps including NTP / the clock display depend on it).
The browser then includes it in the value that is sent to the server.
That does not mean that it's displayed to the user. In fact, I assume it's
*not* shown to the user.

The browser *may* offer the user a way to specify the timezone, though, for the
rare case where the user wants to override it.

But even though it's rare that the user derives from his timezone, it's common
that different users of a site are in different timezones, and the site *must*
account for that, or things will go wrong.

Current sites either assume the timezone from the IP address of the user, or
allow/require him to configure it in prefs. That's very cumbersome.

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