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[Bug 7868] what about time zones? which one is used? local (may be difficult to find out)? is this communicated to the user? can he change it?

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--- Comment #2 from Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch@beonex.com>  2009-10-21 10:47:01 ---
A date is a (specific) range in time. Like any points of time, it's meaningless
without time zone.
In the USA, it's 2.9.2009, while in Australia, it's already 3.9.2009.

Omiting the timezone is natural in our human experience, but causes huge
problems when programming, because it's wrong. If the timezone is omitted,
there's always a timezone implied, usually the timezone that the user is in
currently. The browser is in the best position to know the user's timezone,
because all current OS configure it.

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