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[Bug 6608] please undeprecate <center> for older browsers

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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 02:34:09 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Nick Levinson <Nick_Levinson@yahoo.com>  2009-06-12 02:34:09 ---
Burning bridges to the past harms Web diversity, the variety of websites and
users who need to work with what they have. A library lending books on Win95
means the user base is not so tiny, and that's in the U.S. We should assume
that people with less money are more likely to pass along whatever they have to
other people, including older computers and software, regardless of vendor

While page authors may write in HTML version 1 or 2, they usually use whichever
version has the best literature and community support, and that, with some lag,
will tend to be the latest. Therefore, the latest HTML should support older

Any website owner who wants to limit use to only the later browsers may do so
without removing anything from HTML. Yahoo restricts by denying support for
older browsers and so do some OS/browser vendors. But many of us want large
user bases. That requires designing websites for wider compatibility.

Progress by adding capabilities is useful progress, and HTML 5 does that with
other features, so the Web can still advance without denying practicality and



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