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[Bug 5776] Authors need more control over handling of embedded resources

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--- Comment #6 from Rob Burns <rob@robburns.com>  2008-06-23 21:17:39 ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> It's an interesting idea, though the experience we have with <script> (which
> ignores Content-Type headers) is that the net result of offering this won't be
> to help authors override incorrect configurations, it'll be to encourage
> authors to not bother with correct configurations in the first place.

Yes, that was a concern I have as well. One thing that occurred to me is that
UAs could be directed (as in MUST) include a special request header to indicate
that this resource was being processed in a different way than its inherent
type. That way server admins could monitor the logs for resources where the
processas type was frequently different than the server configured type. This
would be a red flag to server admins that there was a misconfiguration

Similarly, the HTML5 draft could direct authors to contact server
administrators to update the file configuration rather than resorting to
misusing this attribute.

To me the goal should be to have accurate metadata from servers about content
type and this attribute should only be used to alter the type from its inherent
type. However, even the current practice of using content-type headers both for
the inherent content type of a resource and for a special case process as
content type undermines the goal of accurate server metadata. So the addition
of a processas attribute for HTML should be accompanied by the introduction of
a real mime-type http header into the http specification. That way the
content-type can slowly be phased out and 

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