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[Bug 5756] Need UA norms for exposing (non-displayed) HTML document data

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Rob Burns <rob@robburns.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Rob Burns <rob@robburns.com>  2008-06-14 19:11:41 ---
The problem is that certain pieces of document data do not necessarily receive
rendering according to the author or user stylesheet. Nevertheless interactive
UAs should still make this data available to users through other means even
when the styling doesn't expose it directly. 

Examples include:
 * title attribute (especially if CSS later provides mechanism for authors to
control hover views)
 * class attribute
 * lang (or xml:lang) attribute (may provide a localized string for the
language instead of the attribute value)
 * alt attribute (inspector or embedded in the case of a failed resource or by
indication of user defaults or with a contextual menu to display alternate in
elementís keybinding key combination and keybinding event
 * URIs
    - cite attribute
    - src attribute (inspector)
    - longdesc / described-by attributes
 * Resources
    - resource referenced by the cite attribute
    - resource referenced by the longdesc / described-by attributes
(alternately with a contextual menu to display long description fragment in
 * Document relational data
    - associated definitions and abbreviation expansions
    - associated citations, quotations, attributions, and bibliographic
    - associated subtext or asides
 * Head metadata such as
    - name / content pairs for meta elements (inspector)
    - rel / href pairs for link elements (inspector)
 * Document list data
    - table of contents
 * Tables
    - Summary for tables
    - Abbreviations for header cells
    - Axis membership for table cells

The wiki has additional details.

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