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Moving incomplete Recommendation track documents to WG Notes

From: Paul Cotton <Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 15:19:43 +0000
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The HTML WG's current charter ends at the end of Sep 2015 and is not expected to be renewed.   We have several Recommendation track documents that will not achieve Recommendation status before the HTML WG ends and which are not in the scope of any other existing or proposed WG.

Therefore the Chairs and Team are recommending that we publish the following documents as WG Notes to archive their current status.  I will be sending out individual Calls for Consensus (CfC) for each of the following documents in the next several days.

1. Polyglot

Polyglot entered CR over one year ago and there has been no progress on a test suite or test results.  None of the current Editors are actively working on this specification or CR testing.

2. W3C HTML Form HTTP Extensions

The Editor's Call for Implementations which was sent in Feb 2015 and received no responses:

3. W3C HTML JSON form submission

As far as I can tell no progress has been made on this specification since the TPAC 2014 meeting when the following still open action item was created:

ACTION-253: File bugs on implementors re: html json form submission [Robin]

4.. HTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide

This specification has effectively been replaced by the following specification which was co-published by the HTML WG and that is mentioned in the draft Web Platform WG charter:

HTML Accessibility API Mappings 1.0

The original 2013 specification should be published as a WG Note since the original out of date WD is still on the TR page.

5.  Canvas2D Level 2

The draft Web Platform WG charter includes Canvas2D in its deliverables but the reference points the Canvas2D CR specification which we now expect to be published as a Recommendation before the HTML WG is closed.  See:

We propose to publish Canvas2D Level2 as a WG Note since it is not actively being worked on.  If the Web Platform WG, some other WG or the Web Incubator Community Group want to take up future work on Canvas2D then they can consider the WG Note as input to that new work.


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