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[Bug 13359] <track> A way is needed to identify the type of data in a track element

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Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2012 23:13:08 +0000
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--- Comment #65 from Bob Lund <b.lund@cablelabs.com> 2012-09-07 23:13:03 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #64)
> (In reply to comment #61)
> > (In reply to comment #59)
> > > Wouldn't the page know what the format was? After all, it was the one that gave
> > > the URL.
> > 
> > I assume this is a reply t o comment #56.
> > 
> > In the case where the URL is specified in the video element, the page author
> > would need to use different versions of the JS dispatch function depending on
> > the media type of the content pointed to by the URL. Will the author always be
> > able to make this association?
> Since it's the author providing the URL, he should know the media type of the
> content behind the URL. Can you explain a situation where that wouldn't be the
> case?
> > What about in a dynamically created page where
> > the only piece of information about the content is the URL?
> Even then the page author is the one writing the JS, so they would know.

If all the page generator (human author or otherwise) has is the URL to the
content then how will it know the type of content?

> > Also, wouldn't this be a source of errors? The metadata available to the page
> > author might be wrong, saying that a piece of content is Ogg when in fact it is
> > WebM. A UA that supports both will play the content but the wrong dispatch
> > function will be used.
> If the author doesn't know the media type/can't find out through probing, why
> would the browser get it right?

The browser has access to the content-type when it tries to play the content,

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