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Media Subteam Teleconference Minutes for Thursday 17 May

From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 19:27:10 -0400
To: HTML Accessibility Task Force <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20120517232710.GD3422@sonata.rednote.net>
Minutes from the HTML-A11Y Task Force Media Subteam teleconference on
Thursday 17 May are provided in text below, and are available as
hypertext at:



                                                           - DRAFT -

                                          HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

17 May 2012

   See also: IRC log





     * Topics
     * Summary of Action Items

   <trackbot> Date: 17 May 2012

   <JF> \

   <JF> hmmm... her number has changed?

   <JF> waves hi

   <Judy> meeting: Media SubTeam of HTML5 A11Y Task Force

   <JF> Meeting: HTML-A11Y teleconference

   <JF> Chair: John_Foliot

   <JF> Scribe: Janina_Sajka

   <JF> agenda: this

   <Judy> hi Silvia, sorry I cannot join you directly at this time, but thanks for continuing to work on this issue

   hi Judy, no problem - thanks for getting us started

   <JF> <video transcript="jf">

   <JF> </video>

   <JF> <transcript class="off-screen">

   <JF> <a href="transcript.pdf">transcript</a>

   <JF> </transcript>

   <JF> <video transcript="jf">

   <JF> </video>

   <JF> <div class="off-screen">

   <JF> <a href="transcript.pdf" id="jf">transcript</a>

 I would instead do this:

   <JF> </div>

   <video transcript="sp">


   <trasncript id="sp" src="transcript.pdf"></transcript>

   multiple links:

   <video transcript="sp1 sp2">


   <transcript id="sp1" src="trans1.pdf" lang="en"></transcript>

   <transcript id="sp2" src="trans2.doc" lang="de"></transcript>

   multiple links:

   <video transcript="sp1 sp2">


   <transcript id="sp1" src="trans1.pdf" lang="en"></transcript>

   <transcript id="sp2" src="trans2.doc" lang="de"></transcript>

   Question we are discussing: why we need the transcript element

   My reply: I'd like a consistent way of authoring transcripts for all use cases

   * URL off-page

   * text on-page

   * interactive transcript with video

   * transcript-only (without video)

   <JF> in this case:

   <JF> <video transcript="jf">

   <JF> </video>

   <JF> <transcript class="off-screen">

   <JF> <a href="transcript.html" id="jf">transcript</a>

   <JF> </transcript>

   <JF> scratch that

   Since anchors can get focus, we'll try to avoid using anchors inside <transcript>

   <JF> <video transcript="sp1">

   so put the url directly on the <transcript> element

   <JF> </video>

   <JF> <transcript id="sp1" src="trans1.pdf" lang="en">

   <JF> </transcript>

   this instance would be rendered like a <a>

   <JF> so: <transcript id="sp1" src="trans1.pdf" lang="en"></transcript>acts like a link

   <JF> it would render a "control" (button, dropdown, equiv)

   <video transcript="on-page">


   <transcript lang="en" id="on-page">

   This is the transcript for the above element.


   <JF> how would that be populated dynamically?

   JF explains a use case where the on-page transcript is rendered from an external html page

   silvia: this can either be linked as above

   <JF> so if dynamically populated, would be done via scripting

   or if you really need to render it on page, you need to use JS

   set the innerHTML of the <transcript> element to it

   <JF> so we've covered the link scenario, and the static on screen scenario, what about interactive?

   sp: interactive transcripts will be the killer app for video and will cause authors to want to create more captions

   <JF> <transcript id="sp1" src="trans1.vtt" lang="en"></transcript>


   <transcript id="sp1">

   <track src="trans1.vtt" srlang="en">


   that would be rendered on page as an interactive transcript

   <JF> after looking at this, I think we have some solutions that work for accessiblity concerns

   <JF> discoverability: the @transcript attribute will trigger some form of control - a button or menu dialog or (to be
   determined by device/platform considerations)

   <JF> 2) option to consume or not consume: covered by discoverabiliyt/control above

   <JF> 3) supports semantically rich content

   I dropped out

   <JF> can you try calling bck in?

   my phone ran out of battery :-(

   <JF> oh noe

   it's been playing up and not showing the correct battery status - it may not be fully dead

   <JF> ok, well we were wrapping up

   <JF> next steps? update wiki?

   <JF> I can make some contributes if you want

   I can't dial back in, sorry

   <JF> OK

   I will want to completely rework that CP

   <JF> OK, let me know how I can asssist

   we have a lot more information now than when I wrote it

   <JF> agreed

   were you going to add to it?

   <JF> I can

   can you write a paragraph on why you think the approach is workable - as you started above?

   <JF> I can add a section on accessiblity considerations and how/why this solves those issues

   I'd like to add that after the tech descriptions so we have that viewpoint captured

   <janina> I'll let the H5 CC's know we're agreed in principle. We need only to get it written up and socialized for
   objections, etc.


   <janina> We expect to have TF support by next Friday and a single CP for the WG.

   <JF> Agreed. can you re-share the final wiki url?

   it's the implementers I'm concerned about now...

   <janina> Yes, that's the socializing task for next week.

   sure, let's create a new one

   <JF> OK, well if you start the page, I will go in tonight and add to it

   <JF> leave me a place holder <grin>

   will do, no problem

   <JF> OK... are we done for now?

   I'll email it to you

   <JF> thank you

   <janina> I'll push minutes

   I think so 

   <janina> Excellent stuff, Silvia!

   <JF> let's call it a day. thank you silvia and janina

   no worries - we need to get this right :-)

   awesome, thanks everyone

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

Found Scribe: Silvia
Present: John Silvia Janina


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