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[media] Fwd: dotSUB Newsletter July 2012 - Embed Interactive Transcripts

From: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 08:49:08 +1000
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Fellow video transcript enthusiasts,

This is a FYI.

It's interesting to see dotSub go down the track of allowing transcripts to
be embedded with the video and also stand-alone. They use an iframe for

Here is an example url of an embed of video+transcript:
<iframe src="
frameborder="0" width="840" height="315"></iframe>

Here is an example url of an embed of just the transcript:
<iframe src="
frameborder="0" width="100%" height="385"></iframe>
The language of the transcript is encoded in the URL. There is currently no
means to change the language in the embedded transcript (I think that's a
missing feature).

When they embed the video with the transcript, then the menu that selects
the language for the captions also selects the language of the transcript.
Both for their own player and the BrightCove player. That's actually
exactly the same as what YouTube are doing, too.


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Subject: dotSUB Newsletter July 2012 - Embed Interactive Transcripts
To: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>

     dotSUB - Any Video Any Language
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 New in 2012:
Interactive Transcripts, 513 Languages, More...
 Our July newsletter highlights useful new dotSUB features, added in the
first half of 2012, starting with Interactive Transcripts.

*Interactive Transcripts Increase SEO & Time Spent with Video*

dotSUB recently added the ability to embed the transcription of a video
into your webpage. Our users told us:

   - *"We want video with interactive, time-coded transcription."*
   - *"We want the video to highlight the currently spoken line."*
   - *"We want it to seek when I click on a line in the transcription."*

dotSUB listens. We now offer the ability to embed the video with an
interactive transcription. Here are the benefits:

   1. *Engage your audience for more minutes as they navigate transcripts.*
   2. *Be found. The transcript text will improve your SEO results.*
   3. *Increase traffic by up to 30% with ESL and hearing impaired
   4. *Provide context with the text that accompanies your video.  Can also
   increase ad CPMs. *

Naturally, we'd love to see all our customers take advantage of embedded
transcripts. When you have a particularly successful example, send us a
link and we will feature it.
*Learn more, view demos, and learn

Click on the images below to view interactive transcripts by dotSUB:
(choose your language)

[image: Asteroid Development with

A Brightcove example: (choose your language)

[image: Brightcove transcript

*New Features: 513 Languages Supported & More*

In case you missed them, dotSUB added these new features in 2012.

   - *Up to 513 languages supported including Chinese Hakka,
   Sheng, Kurmandji, and Sorani*
   - *API Support for Permissions and for Media Workflow*
   - *YouTube Push Feature*
   - *Limelight import*
   - *Voting*
   - *Updates for BrightCove HTML5 & JW5 Plug-in (jQuery, PlayList support)*
   - *Subtitle Export formats (QtText, SAMI, WebVTT, HTML, Text File)*
   - *Batch assignments for translations and transcriptions*
   - *Video Player added to translation pages*

*dotSUB powers app for Richard Saul Wurman's the WWW
Richard Saul Wurman, creator of TED (1984-2002), will celebrate
conversation in its most informative manner at the WWW conference on
September 18-19, 2012. Check out the
artists and thought leaders talking about the World’s Water, Wealth, Waste,
War, Well-being, Wildlife, Web, Weather, Wind, Words, Wonder, Witness,
Wilderness, Work, Wunderlust, Warming, Wizardry, Wisdom, Wit, and the
Waking Dream.
*If you cannot attend, consider evaluating the iPad app, for which dotSUB
is a partner providing language-enabling and creative solutions as part of
the New Modality Creative Group.*

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