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[Bug 18385] Programmatic association of a page element to a 'description' text in a different uri

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 20:39:22 +0000
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--- Comment #6 from Devarshi Pant <devarshipant@gmail.com> 2012-07-25 20:39:21 UTC ---
I thought of some:
1.    Image Element: longdesc attribute on this element should behave exactly
the way it does with a screen reader, i.e., it first announces the alt
attribute, and then concatenates the word “press enter for long description.”
Important: The alt text cannot be an empty string forit to work (tested with
JAWS 10 / IE 7 / Vista). However, a major difference with its interaction with
other user groups (sighted keyboard only / magnifier), will be that this image
would receive keyboard focus and be selectable. Activating this image
(containing the longdesc attribute) would open the pop up, which opens when
using the screen reader. In short, it will behave like an image link.
2.    Links: Complimentary info on links generally works using title
attributes. However, some links may need more than title attributes. For
example, links placed deep down within complex tables with nested header levels
are difficult to comprehend. Understanding this can be hard for sighted
keyboard only, magnifier, and non-disabled users. It may not be that difficult
for screen reader users as they can use table navigation to further probe table
header- cell relationships. Here using the longdesc approach can be extended to
include keyboard only users as well. This means that selecting the link will
open a pop up window.
3.    For table header cell superscripts and footnotes: Until now, I have not
seen accessible implementations of superscripts and footnote. Refer to 2 above
for proposed resolution.


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