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[media] Minutes: HTML-A11Y Media Subteam on 23 February at 22:00Z for 90 Minutes

From: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 10:15:56 +1100
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To: HTML Accessibility Task Force <public-html-a11y@w3.org>
Minutes of today's media subteam can be found at
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IRC log of html-a11y on 2011-02-23
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    zakim, this is WAI_PF
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    ok, judy_; that matches WAI_PFWG(A11Y)5:00PM
22:05:09 [judy_]
    Meeting: Media Sub-team of HTML5 Accessibility Task Force
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    scribe: Silvia
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22:08:26 [Zakim]
22:08:28 [silvia]
    Topic 1: Actions Review http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/track/actions/open
22:09:01 [silvia]
22:09:01 [trackbot]
    ACTION-99 -- Janina Sajka to annotate 9452 with clear audio
discovery and selection, as well as independent control of multiple
playback tracks -- due 2011-01-19 -- OPEN
22:09:01 [trackbot]
22:09:05 [judy_]
    agenda+ Identify Scribe
22:09:05 [judy_]
    agenda+ Actions Review http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/track/actions/open
22:09:05 [judy_]
    agenda+ Issue-152 Multitrack API
22:09:05 [judy_]
    agenda+ Poster
22:09:05 [judy_]
    agenda+ Time Tracks & SYMPTE
22:09:05 [judy_]
    agenda+ Other Business?
22:09:08 [judy_]
    agenda+ be done
22:09:58 [silvia]
    delayed since Janina is not available today
22:10:15 [silvia]
    may possibly overlap with the multitrack proposals
22:12:13 [silvia]
    judy: are there any issues that we have that require change
proposals - cut-off date is tonight
22:12:20 [silvia]
    JF + silvia: probably not
22:12:35 [silvia]
    .. issue-99 overlaps a lot with issue-152
22:12:51 [silvia]
22:13:05 [silvia]
    Topic 2: Issue-152 Multitrack API
22:13:17 [silvia]
    JF: where do we stand?
22:13:43 [silvia]
    are we able to get another change proposal to counter the existing
one before the deadline for counter proposals?
22:13:49 [silvia]
    this is the march 22nd deadline
22:13:53 [silvia]
    Eric: definitely
22:14:14 [silvia]
    Silvia: yes, I am definitely going to work on another 2-3 change
proposals as well
22:14:36 [silvia]
    Eric: I am not sure how we will get to concensus
22:14:55 [silvia]
     but Dave Singer and I have a definite idea how this should work
and we will at least put in this change proposal
22:15:34 [silvia]
    Judy: that's great news
22:16:33 [judy_]
    s/great news/great news to hear the clarification that you have a
clear proposal coming up to offer/
22:17:35 [judy_]
22:18:11 [silvia]
    silvia: Philip seems to have a clear idea on how to do it, so
maybe another change proposal
22:18:28 [silvia]
    .. the HTTP adaptive streaming proponents have a clear idea and
there will be another one from there
22:19:08 [silvia]
    .. next steps are now clear from the schedule of issue handling
22:19:25 [silvia]
    .. not sure if there is a possibility of the chair moving this to
a last call issue
22:20:08 [silvia]
    JF: after all the change proposals come in there will be a call
for concensus
22:20:30 [silvia]
    Judy: I would be concerned if this would be moved to a last call
issue, because it will be damaging to a11y
22:20:47 [silvia]
    Eric: it would be good to discuss this at the F2F
22:20:55 [silvia]
    JF: who will be there?
22:21:15 [silvia]
    Sean and Eric will be there
22:21:24 [silvia]
    Silvia is trying to get it organised
22:22:04 [silvia]
    JF: this is good because it is shortly before the April 22nd deadline
22:22:15 [silvia]
    Eric: will Frank be there?
22:22:29 [silvia]
    Frank: not decided yet, but would like to be there
22:23:14 [silvia]
    Silvia: is there a means for the F2F to have a focused subgroup on media?
22:23:24 [silvia]
    JF: possibly, there is no agenda at this stage
22:23:46 [silvia]
     I think central meetings make sense, and then have break-out groups
22:24:23 [silvia]
    Judy: we don't want to double-purpose the meeting, in particular
for people like Janina that need to be in the main meeting
22:24:56 [silvia]
     maybe in sequence with the PF work would work
22:25:21 [silvia]
    .. do people think it needs a full 2 days of discussion?
22:25:25 [silvia]
    Silvia: I think so
22:25:33 [silvia]
    Eric: it's hard to predict
22:25:42 [silvia]
    .. depends on what we do between now and then
22:26:47 [silvia]
    Judy: maybe we can crystallize specific issues in the larger group
and then send off a smaller break-out group for detailed engineering
22:27:35 [silvia]
     depends on W3C's plan for the meeting, but maybe we can organize
to have our issue focused at the start
22:27:45 [silvia]
     or we could start on Friday evening with a warm-up
22:27:57 [silvia]
    JF: is this a TF F2F or a WAI F2F?
22:28:18 [silvia]
     everyone will want to drill into their specific issues at some
point, e.g. Canvas etc
22:28:32 [judy_]
    judy thinks it may indeed be a TF F2F
22:28:53 [judy_]
    s/WAI F2F/PFWG F2F/
22:29:41 [janina]
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22:30:42 [judy_]
22:31:15 [judy_]
    JF: do we have any common ground on 152 now?
22:31:44 [judy_]
    EC: yes, some. including the Microsoft proposal. The proposals
just going about it in diff ways.
22:32:04 [janina]
    Suggest we look for ways to open a discussion with ISO--rather
than going independently forward
22:32:06 [judy_]
    JF: we seem to have a short term plan. anything more to do on this today?
22:32:43 [judy_]
    EC: worth discussing in email. narrow approaches before discussion
at CSUN TF meeting.
22:33:03 [judy_]
    janina -- the san diego meeting, is it PFWG, or TF?
22:33:08 [janina]
22:33:32 [judy_]
    we want to do some media stuff on sat morn, is that ok? w/ the tf mtg?
22:33:39 [judy_]
    qu to janina above
22:33:46 [janina]
    Absolutely. Critical to have thorough conversations on that
22:34:24 [silvia]
    judy: JF, please let Michael know that we want a big media focus
on the meeting
22:34:25 [judy_]
    [janina: then the media folks may break out & do detailed stuff on
the side.]
22:34:35 [janina]
22:34:50 [janina]
    That might mean two rooms?
22:35:14 [silvia]
    JF: what is happening with FCC VPAAC?
22:35:44 [silvia]
    Judy: there was a VPAAC meeting this afternoon of WG 3 and the one
mostly related to our questions is in WG 1
22:35:49 [JF]
    Janina yes, I will contact Michael Cooper and advise
22:36:08 [silvia]
    .. I requested a confirmation from the chairs and there is no
meeting for WG 1 scheduled yet
22:36:22 [silvia]
    .. delayed because of the Oscars actually
22:36:56 [silvia]
    .. wanted to make them fully aware that there are two specs and
encourage more discussions about it
22:37:28 [silvia]
    .. there also seems to be something happening at ISO
22:37:54 [silvia]
    silvia: what is the ISO related stuff?
22:38:16 [silvia]
    Judy: it's about a potentially copyrighted piece of work that is related
22:38:37 [silvia]
    Silvia: sounds like this is about DASH, which is related to HTTP
adaptive streaming
22:38:45 [silvia]
    JF: and thus circles back to Issue-152
22:39:40 [silvia]
    JF: is there anything that this group can do to help FCC VPAAC in
their work?
22:39:48 [janina]
    Will VPAAC deal with Issue-152-type questions?
22:40:20 [janina]
    PS: I'm working on getting us official copies/linkage to ISO/IEC
SC29 WG 11 re Issue-152
22:40:44 [silvia]
    Judy: I don't think they will particularly deal with multitrack,
but more about formats
22:40:55 [silvia]
     it's advisory, not prescriptive
22:41:27 [silvia]
    silvia: just to clarify - are they not going to put out a
requirement for vendors to support a particular format?
22:41:31 [janina]
    They may need to be perscriptive to some degree--to make sure that
content and equipment are creating to the same standards??
22:42:12 [silvia]
    Judy: detail on the implementation questions are not fully clear yet
22:42:48 [silvia]
    Eric: Geoff said in email that even if it wasn't prescriptive,
their choice of format(s) would have that kind of effect
22:42:58 [silvia]
    Judy: yes, very likely
22:43:16 [silvia]
    JF: seems we need to monitor this issue
22:43:54 [silvia]
    Judy: keeping the discussions here moving in a timely way would
help immensely the work at FCC VPAAC
22:44:09 [silvia]
    .. this is why I am concerned if we cannot make headway on the
multitrack work
22:45:03 [silvia]
    .. it would be good to clarify here within W3C whether we will
focus on WebVTT or support TTML/SMPTE-TT as well
22:45:35 [silvia]
    JF: is there something we need to do wrt TimedTracks that we
haven't accomplished yet?
22:45:59 [silvia]
    Judy: we need to narrow down the multitrack options as quickly as possible
22:46:14 [silvia]
    .. and get something filed as much in advance
22:46:41 [silvia]
    JF: just to clarify - the multitrack API issue is the one where we
have some competing proposals
22:47:06 [silvia]
    .. but that has nothing directly to do with the caption formats
22:47:22 [Zakim]
22:47:29 [janina]
    Can we not use "caption" fpor all the texted alternative formats?
22:47:42 [Zakim]
22:47:58 [silvia]
    sorry, Janina - caption format seems to be what the FCC is about,
which is why I used that term in this case
22:48:17 [janina]
    We may need to get them to fix their language, too! <grin>
22:48:20 [silvia]
    but you are right of course
22:48:40 [janina]
    I've ben having that same conversation here in ISO SC35 today
22:49:21 [silvia]
    JF: for the FCC VPAAC, my take is that our group thinks that
WebVTT meets a lot of requirements, and SMPTE-TT meets a lot of
requirements, neither meets all
22:49:31 [silvia]
     so that is probably all we can give the FCC VPAAC at this time
22:50:01 [judy_]
    [judy clarifies in response to john, above, i understand that
there are two questions on the table. the timing issue is common to
both. the narrowing options is specific to multitrack.]
22:50:02 [silvia]
    JF: any other business?
22:50:08 [janina]
    We can also say amatuer, small media adopters tend toward the SRT
derivative, while industry is moving toward SYMPT
22:50:32 [silvia]
    silvia: I am wondering if Judy and Janina can report on their
discussions at ISO on what is related to our work?
22:50:46 [silvia]
    Judy: I don't think any of the discussions today were related to media
22:50:54 [janina]
    Better Judy--I'm trying to be involved here--and also in my SC35 meeting!
22:51:54 [silvia]
    .. maybe Janina can do a report
22:52:06 [silvia]
    silvia: seems she is rather busy, maybe on the next call
22:52:16 [janina]
    Definitely next call
22:52:17 [silvia]
    JF: or via email - she is in London next week
22:53:15 [silvia]
    JF: we have lots of work to do till March 22nd, but right now we
don't seem to have further need to discuss today
22:53:44 [silvia]
    Judy: question to Eric - when do you think your change proposal
will be ready?
22:53:53 [janina]
    Short Story: We're setting up mutual liaison relationships. Judy
is W3C liaison to SC35, I'm probably going to be SC35 liaison to W3C
22:53:55 [silvia]
    Eric: if there is a need, we can probably have it done in 2 weeks
22:54:50 [silvia]
    note for minutes: ISO SC35 is about User interfaces, see
22:55:35 [silvia]
    JF: I think our time currently could be more productively used in
discussions than in writing competing change proposals
22:55:51 [silvia]
    .. hopefully we can write a common change proposal in the F2F that
we can all agree on
22:56:02 [silvia]
    .. rather than too many competing change proposals right now
22:56:26 [silvia]
    Eric: I agree, discussions around the wiki page that silvia set up
are most productive now
22:56:43 [janina]
22:56:54 [silvia]
    JF: thanks everyone for this short call - keep discussing!
22:57:03 [Zakim]
22:57:06 [Zakim]
22:57:07 [Zakim]
22:57:09 [Zakim]
22:57:15 [Zakim]
22:57:26 [Zakim]
    - +54558aaaa
22:57:28 [Zakim]
    WAI_PFWG(A11Y)5:00PM has ended
22:57:30 [Zakim]
    Attendees were John_Foliot, Judy, +54558aaaa, Eric_Carlson,
Silvia, [Microsoft]
22:59:17 [silvia]
    rrsagent, make logs member
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