Proposed disposition of display, focus, labels, and semantics bugs

The tables below provide recommended dispositions for bugs in the display, focus, labels, and semantics categories. The "bug" and "handle" columns indicate the bug number and label; status is its current status; originator is who originally brought this to the task force process if I could determine it; "disposition" is my recommendation; "assign" is who I suggest might own the bug.

Bug Handle Status Originator Disposition Assign
8652 what to display when images are not available is not well specified WORK Steve Faulkner Close; subsumed by the text alternatives and title attribute change proposal.  
8657 Allow UA to reload fallback content if it fails to load NEED Ben Caldwell Refer to the media subgroup. John Foliot
8671 Requiring the label attribute WORK Cynthia? Close; spec now is consistent with this filing.  
8673 Restriction on command element as part of a menu NEED Cynthia? Discuss; command element appears to have different functions (declarative commands usually, but menu items in menus), this might cause various author problems, or might be something we'll live with. It also might not really be an A11YTF remit even if we agree with issue. Cynthia Shelly
8717 Usability and Element-level-focus-apis FIXE Joshue O'Connor Close; spec indicates problems with blur(); we might prefer that such a dangerous method not be provided, but might not wish to fight this battle (especially if it's legacy).  
8723 image map is underspecified NEED Steve Faulkner Assign with deadline, close if deadline missed Charles McCathieNevile
8738 Role-based navigation NEED Rich Discuss; we need to decide whether to live with the features of the command API or push for extension to role-based navigation; if latter, assign to someone to push. Gregory Rosmaita
8747 Defining how a license applies to elements WONT Sally Cain Close; the RDFa solution proposed seems viable, perhaps could ask that be mentioned in spec.  
8750 User able to override the hidden attribute in incorrectly rendered pages WORK UAWG Close; think this is based on incomplete understanding of what hidden attribute does (not equivalent to visibility: hidden etc.).  
8144 Is a 'visibility: hidden' element being rendered? NEED   Untrack (we didn't submit this, and it doesn't seem useful).  
8554 <progress> element should be labelable with a label FIXE   Untrack (we didn't submit, but it appears to have been resolved satisfactorily)  

The following bugs might have different actions depending on whether we think user interface behaviour should be prescribed by the HTML spec, or whether it should be in an auxiliary document (initial proposal: Implementing UAAG 2.0). The "if spec" column indicates the action I recommend if we want the spec to have something, the "if external UA guide" column indicates the action I recommend if we think the action can be taken up in an external resource. The "MC pref" column indicates which of the two options I suggest for each particular bug.

Bug Handle Status Originator If spec If external UA guide MC pref Assign
8622 Activation behaviour and pre-click activation NEED UAWG Assign to flesh out what spec features are needed. Refer to UAWG to document how UAs should handle activation behaviour. Spec Jim Allan
8647 Define tab order for IFrame WONT   Assign to push change proposal. Refer to UAWG to document how UAs should handle tabbing with included objects. UA Ben Caldwell
8648 Title attribute on the IFrame element NEED Ben Caldwell Discuss; @title to label iframe is somewhat specific and unique, but labeling perhaps too generic for spec, should be left to other resources? Refer to WCAG WG to document technique for labeling iframe. UA Ben Caldwell
8666 Keyboard accessible date pickers NEED UAWG Assign to push change proposal. Refer to UAWG to document a recommended design pattern for UA UA Kelly Ford
8682 Tab and reading order for context menus NEED Cynthia? Assign to push change proposal. Refer to UAWG to document tab and reading order for context menus. UA Cynthia Shelly
8743 Auditory icons clashing with AT WONT Sally Cain Discuss; I think icons don't appear in the page but in references to it; could be an accessibility benefit, but the autoplay issue still exists. Refer to UAWG and WCAG WG to document design pattern and authoring techniques to avoid problems with auditory icons. UA Sally Cain
8751 User should have ability to override automatic scrolling WORK UAWG Assign to push change proposal. Refer to UAWG to recommend a UA preference which would need to be settable from AT to mainstream. UA Jim Allan
8752 Allow user to manage focus changes NEED UAWG Close; think the spec says enough. Refer to UAWG to expand on UA recommendations. Spec  
8754 Overflow when text is resized WONT UAWG Discuss; don't think explanation in rejection is complete solution, we might want to come back with a more complete description of handling zooming. Refer to UAWG to document how UAs should handle overflow. Spec Gez Lemon