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next HPC Web meeting

From: Annette Greiner <amgreiner@lbl.gov>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 10:21:25 -0700
Message-Id: <B7BDAD01-B24B-4BF2-9C89-7305A5B3BCB9@lbl.gov>
To: public-hpcweb@w3.org
My previous poll for a meeting date didn't get much response. I'm attributing that to end-of-summer busyness and an overly lengthy poll. Instead, I'm going to aim for one day in October. Thursdays seem to be good days for those who did take the previous poll, so I'll propose we meet on the 11th. I have a new, much smaller Doodle poll up to pick the time.
If anyone has something they'd like to demo at the meeting, let me know.
Annette Greiner
Outreach, Software, and Programming Group
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