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Tokyo F2F info

From: Hiroshi Sakakibara <sakakibara.hiroshi@bpsinc.jp>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 16:09:08 +0900
To: public-houdini@w3.org
Cc: 'Harayama Shouichi' <harayama.shouichi@bpsinc.jp>
Message-ID: <231a2793-7b8a-c2f1-c25b-ad7b938e1274@bpsinc.jp>

I want to announce about next next F2F info, at Tokyo one.

For CSS F2F, I created a wiki page[1].

I think whether houdini will have a meeting on April have not been
decided, but I reserved a room for one day as usual on 18th April.

In addition, I'm planning to have a meeting named JP Industry meetup
2nd. The 1st was held at Sapporo TPAC, 2015.  Now I'm collecting
layout related issues in Japan, and want to introduce and discuss with
Moreover, I can introduce Vertical Writing (Design) Award result. (The
details are [2], sorry written in Japanese, but I hope the layouting
might be interesting.)  Probably, I can introduce the current
preparation status at Seattle. (Regarding technical part, I'll ask
Koji for detailed explanation^^;)

If I need to add/create a new page for the meeting, please let me

[1] https://wiki.csswg.org/planning/tokyo-2017
[2] http://tategaki.github.io/awards/
[3] https://github.com/w3c/css-houdini-drafts/wiki/Meeting-Planning-Pages



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