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RE: Follow up: Clinical Observations Interoperability Telcon @ Tue Oct 30

From: Forsberg, Kerstin L <Kerstin.L.Forsberg@astrazeneca.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 22:20:15 +0100
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> [AR] I note that SDTM has places where one uses NCI Thesaurus,  
> which is, for a large part, a domain model.

Kerstin: What part of NCI Thesaurus would you say is a domain model? My understanding is that Barry would refer to it as a "concept system" and not as a domain model / ontology of real world of entities/phenomenon 1)

The way I see that CDISC have used picked concepts from different concept hierarchies in NCI Thesaurus to construct controlled terminologies are also quite confusing. See for example the examples I list in my previously posted slides http://www.w3.org/2007/11/NCIt_and_CDISC_CT.ppt.

1) http://ontology.buffalo.edu/concepts/ConceptsandOntologies.pdf

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