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meeting record: COI 10 June

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 10:32:53 -0400
To: public-hcls-coi@w3.org, public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org
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kinda late, but here they are:


10 Jun 2008

   See also: [2]IRC log


          EricP, Helen_Chen, +1.919.541.aaaa, holger_stenzhorn, Jennifer,
          +1.813.396.aabb, Chimezie_Ogbuji, Rachel





     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]Roll Call
         2. [5]end-to-end
         3. [6]Updated Clinical Practice Ontology (Version 4)
     * [7]Summary of Action Items

   <ericP> [8]agenda

   <ericP> scribenic: holger_stenzhorn

   <ericP> ile&do=get&target=ClinicalPractice-Ontology-Version4.owl

Roll Call

   <ericP> holger_stenzhorn: busy last week (at ESWC); just got back

   ericP: Helen, are the things that I and Holger did good

   Helen: I have some small suspicions

   ericP: not sure whether the CTO user would use the brand anmes (e.g.
   ..: Helebn, what do you expect there...


   <ericP> [9]end-to-end

   <ericP> Helen: sample.ttl administered two drugs

   <ericP> ... one is a positive pressure something-or-other; is it a

   ericP: the databse does not include all the things we need

   Helen: I understand what you are doing badically


   <ericP> [[

   <ericP> ?m :pRoutOfAdministration routeOfAdmin:15 ;

   <ericP> :pFreqUnits freqUnits:3 ;

   <ericP> :pFormOfMedication formOfMedication:0 ;

   <ericP> :pMedDict ?dictEntry ;

   <ericP> :pMedication ?administration ; :pDose 2 .

   <ericP> ]]

   <ericP> Helen: there is none one with a :pDose of 2

   ericP: Helen, you can check the rules and play around with them and I
   can then fix them

   <ericP> [10]Diab data

   Helen: you only have only patient

   ericP: if you look at the different data, you see that there are more
   ..: just took one patient to do a complete end-to-end test
   ...: let me know if there are things to be fixed
   ... perform mapping from CTO to CPO and the other way around

   ericP: since Chime is here we want to talk about what Chime might be
   able to add
   ...: talking about CTO and querying
   ... Chuime, can you talk abouzt what you are doing...
   ... I took bits and pieces out of the ontologies for the mapping
   ... what pieces can we take out of Chimes ontologies for this task

   Chime: pretty good correspondence of the classes on that page with my
   ... interest for a reference ontology in the medical domain, for health

   ericP: are there pointers to the CPR?

   <chimezie> [11]http://purl.org/cpr/owl

   <ericP> [12]CPR Ontology

   <ericP> [13]SPARQL Queries on CTO

   ericP: is anybody interested in keeping the the SDTM and HL7...

   <ericP> line 1[[BR]]line 2...

   Holger: Vipul should give his word

   ericP: Helen, waht would you like to work with?

   Helen: I want to see Chime to do a maaping as well
   ...: the value of is how to get to the data

   <ericP> Helen: true value is to see how you get the data -- mapping to
   a coding system
   ...: we need to show how the terms can be identified

   ericP: I do not know the ontologies really - so I did the mapping
   ...: I scooped all the data but did not really know what the data was

   Helen: we need to show how to use the existing heterogeneous data base

   ericP: Helen, could you identify the ontological clues to find the
   important thing in the data
   ...: Joyti provided some information on that on the wiki

   <ericP> [14]source, target, mapping

   <ericP> rxnorm:Metformin

   <chimezie> there is a reference to rxNorm:..... classes

   Helen: I can send a mail with a reference to the names

   ericP: Chime can work with Holger on extending the SPARQL8.html

   Chime: will do

Updated Clinical Practice Ontology (Version 4)

     * [15]http://esw.w3.org/topic/HCLS/ClinicalObservationsInteroperabili

   ericP: anybody looked at the updated CPO?



   <ericP> [16]updated CPO (v4)

   ericP: how is taking care of the inter ontology mapping page for CPO?

   eric: who is interested in the update in the CPO? me, because of the

   ericP: Rachel, what are you actually interested in?

   Rachel: I am just intersetingly listening, watching the process but
   cannot be too useful at this moment

   ericP: are you comfortable with N� language?

   Rachel: I have never used it but can reasd and understand it

   ericP: Jennifer, what's up with you?

   Jeniffer: the same basically as Rachel - have been involved in OBI -
   and in the methodology

   ericP: Jen, might be interested in the work of Chime and Holger
   ...: Chime, do you think that any of the OBI work is distinctive

   Chime: there is useful correspondence and when there is no
   correspondence we can get feedback for the differences

   ericP: it looks that Chime, Holger and Jen can put there heads together
   and can look at the CTO together
   ... Helen can help me with the CPO
   ...: other like that we are done for today...

   <jen> i wil be off for ten days on vacation; talk with you after that!

   <ericP> bonne vacance

   <ericP> ADJOURNED

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

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