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Update on glossary project - early April 2003

From: Olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 18:11:26 +0900
To: public-glossary@w3.org
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Here is a small update on the glossary project.

I will probably say things you already know, but since this is the 
first update on the list, and since everyone on the list was not 
necessarily present during the presentation and meeting at the 
technical plenary, this may be necessary for some of us.

First, let me remind you there is a homepage for this project, which is 
basically a collection of news item. If anyone wants a RSS feed, please 
raison your hand:

We're currently working on several things at the same time:

- Pierre, who will be the main developer for the project (at least for 
the months to come) has been working on information scraping (from W3C 
specs in HTML, XMLSpec coming in the near future) and is now having a 
look at back-end systems to manipulate the glossary data.
Pierre has also written an analysis and roadmap of the project:

- In the meantime, (mostly) Dom has started thinking and discussing 
about data model/schema for our needs. See e.g:
I encourage you to continue the discussion here (please start another 

- I would like to take on what has been discussed during the TP meeting:
and try to design a mockup of the UI. I will start another thread for 
people wanting to discuss this.

- I got a note from Charles, whom at a SWAD (semweb development) 
meeting saw some thesaurus work that covers our needs. Chaals, could 
you send us a pointer?

All for now. Cheers.
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