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Re: ADMS call tomorrow, RADion proposal (potentially affects DCAT)

From: Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 07:51:59 +0000
Message-ID: <4F604E1F.3020006@w3.org>
To: "Maali, Fadi" <fadi.maali@deri.org>
CC: Public GLD WG <public-gld-wg@w3.org>, "Shukair, Gofran" <Gofran.shakair@deri.org>

On 14/03/2012 00:18, Maali, Fadi wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Thanks for bringing this up. Gofran and me will attend tomorrow call.
> I find the idea of defining RADion very useful. Linking DCAT and ADMS
> together is helpful especially that they are very much related yet there
> is no clear containment relation (subclassing one from the other is not
> possible).
> I had a look at the schemas you sent and they look fine to me.

Thanks - I appreciate the sanity check!

> IMHO, I think defining DCAT classes as subclasses of RADion is something
> that we (the GLD WG) can discuss later once the status of RADion is
> clearer.

+1 absolutely


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>> To: Shukair, Gofran; Maali, Fadi
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>> Subject: ADMS call tomorrow, RADion proposal (potentially affects
>> Hi Gofran and Fadi,
>> I don't know whether you have this in your diaries but tomorrow at
>> 14:00 UK/IE time is what should be the final call within the ISA
>> Programme about ADMS.
>> The agenda is at [1] and is essentially issue-bashing so that Makx can
>> produce the 'final version' - or version 1.0 or whatever you want to
>> call it.
>> My reason for bringing it up here and now is that once the results of
>> that call have been written into the spec, that's what we're going to
>> be given here in the GLD to take forward with the strong hope that,
>> ignoring relatively trivial formatting changes, we'll then publish it
>> as a FPWD. Therefore it's important that if GLD has any views on ADMS
>> they're put forward soon, preferably in that meeting.
>> Most of the issues are relatively minor and focus on the allowed
> values
>> for various properties. Personally I regard these as out of scope for
>> the spec although very much in scope for the particular implementation
>> ISA is aiming at (Joinup) so I'm not too concerned how that aspect
> goes
>> in this context.
>> What I *am* concerned about is the proposal I've put forward to create
>> a new vocabulary called RADion: Repositiory - Asset - Distribtion.
>> This came about when I was trying to reconcile ADMS with DCAT and
>> another vocabulary that is not scheduled to come to GLD concerning
> open
>> source software forges, called ADMS.F/OSS. It's clear that ADMS, DCAT
>> and ADMS.F/OSS have a lot in common, at least in terms of class
>> structure, but they differ in the detail as, of course, they're
>> designed to describe slightly different things in different contexts.
>> The hope is that each can be made up of sub classes of RADion although
>> to outward appearances they would be almost entirely unaffected (DCAT
>> has a lot of implementation, people are building ADMS-based systems
>> already). The attached zip file has RADion and ADMS as UML and RDF
>> schemata.
>> WDYT?
>> Phil.
>> [1]
> https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/CITnet/confluence/display/ISACV/Virtual+Me
>> eting+2012.03.14
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