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[QB] Domain of qb:sliceKey : qb:DataStructureDefinition or qb:DataSet?

From: <Laurent.Lefort@csiro.au>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 08:54:53 +0000
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These comments are based on http://www.w3.org/TR/2013/CR-vocab-data-cube-20130625/  
(but I have also checked  https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/gld/raw-file/default/data-cube/index.html )

What puzzles me the most is the difference for the rdfs:domain of qb:SliceKey between (the majority of the text):

- Fig. 1 Pictorial summary of key terms and their relationship (where the domain is qb:DataStructureDefinition)
- Text and message in Sectio 7.2 "We first define the structure of the slices we want by associating a "slice key" with the data structure definition. This is done by creating a qb:SliceKey to list the component properties (which must be dimensions) which will be fixed in the slice. The key is attached to the DSD using qb:sliceKey" (where the domain is qb:DataStructureDefinition)
- .ttl example 11 (where the domain is qb:DataStructureDefinition) 
eg:dsd-le-slice1 a qb:DataStructureDefinition;
    qb:sliceKey eg:s
- .ttl example 13 (same thing)
-constraints in IC-7 and associated ASK query below (where the domain is qb:DataStructureDefinition)
Every qb:SliceKey must be associated with a qb:DataStructureDefinition.
- Content in C. Complete example Data Cube (where the domain is qb:DataStructureDefinition)

AND one snippet in the text plus the vocabulary itself.

- In section 12.8 Slice definitions (where the domain is qb:DataSet)
Domain: qb:DataSet in section 12.8 Slice definitions 
Property: qb:sliceKey ( Domain: qb:DataSet -> Range: qb:SliceKey )
Indicates a slice key which is used for slices in this dataset.

Is this because the content of section 12. Vocabulary reference is automatically derived from the content of http://purl.org/linked-data/cube# ?
I have noticed it because I have used CMAP to visualise the ontology structure. I used the file I can access to from http://purl.org/linked-data/cube# which is http://publishing-statistical-data.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/specs/src/main/vocab/cube.ttl# . 

This may be an old version (dcterms:modified "2013-03-02"^^xsd:date;) or not.

It does have a qb:sliceKey definition with a domain which is qb:DataSet

qb:sliceKey a rdf:Property, owl:ObjectProperty;
    rdfs:label "slice key"@en;
    rdfs:comment "indicates a slice key which is used for slices in this dataset"@en;
    rdfs:domain qb:DataSet;
    rdfs:range  qb:SliceKey;
    rdfs:isDefinedBy <http://purl.org/linked-data/cube>;

But it also has a change which I think is listed as a "Change since W3C Last Call Working Draft 12 March 2013":
Section 12.2. Corrected domain of qb:observation from qb:Slice to qb:ObservationGroup, was given correctly in the ontology and text body but was misstated in the reference section.

qb:observation a rdf:Property, owl:ObjectProperty;
    rdfs:label "observation"@en;
    rdfs:comment "indicates a observation contained within this slice of the data set"@en;
    rdfs:domain qb:ObservationGroup;
    rdfs:range qb:Observation;
    rdfs:isDefinedBy <http://purl.org/linked-data/cube>;

Maybe there is a more recent version of http://purl.org/linked-data/cube to use instead?

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