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[web-anim] Web Animations minutes, 15 / 16 October 2012

From: Brian Birtles <bbirtles@mozilla.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:54:18 +0900
Message-ID: <507CF68A.2080205@mozilla.com>
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Web Animations minutes, 15 / 16 October 2012

Etherpad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ep/pad/view/ro.xcQ0xy0LsqQ/latest
Present: Dmitry Baranovskiy, Alex Danilo, Shane Stephens, Brian Birtles


1. Google meet-up in Tokyo
2. Licensing of shim
3. Feature request: timeline from gestures
4. Default value for fill-mode

1. Google meet-up in Tokyo

No particular preparation required.

2. Licensing of shim

Google are ok with Apache 2.0.

Proposal that Google owns the code and others act as contributors. 
However, if possible, it would be nice to leave it on GitHub so we can 
accept pull requests from contributors. Brian suggests GitHub might be 
better from a community involvement point of view.

 > Shane to investigate if hosting on GitHub is an option
 > Brian to follow up Adobe, including discussion of CLAs

Google uses the following CLAs:

3. Feature request:  timeline from gestures

It would be good to be able to replace the timing with a value derived 
from gestures. This is basically equivalent to replacing the timing 
model with a substitute timing model that gets its input from the 
gestures rather than the system clock.

We had a similar question at SVGOpen about, for example, can you drag 
the door and have it open smoothly?

No concrete proposals yet for how to represent this declaratively but we 
are confident the architecture permits this to be added (by simply 
substituting out the timing model), perhaps in a subsequent version if 
not immediately.

4. Default value of fill

Our experience with writing the demo shows that more often than not, you 
want 'fill: forwards', at least for scripted animations. We think we 
probably should make this the default value even if this differs from 
CSS and SVG (which both, by default, remove the animation effect after 
it has completed).

We still are not sure how to make animations that fill performant, i.e. 
relieve the UA of having to hold on to all past animations with a 
forwards fill mode since they still affect their target 
property/attribute. We might need implementation feedback to resolve this.

Next meeting: TBD. Proposing a similar time to before but depends on 
Tab's availability.

 > Brian to send mail about this
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