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Re: Some parts of the test suite are not XHTML

From: Ulrich Nicolas Lissť <unl@dreamlab.net>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 19:18:18 +0200
Cc: "Forms WG" <public-forms@w3.org>
Message-Id: <43A0DE3E-3231-42E6-876E-ADD60D80441E@dreamlab.net>
To: Steven Pemberton <steven.pemberton@cwi.nl>
I have fixed the XSLT stylesheets which generate the XHTML driver  
pages for XForms 1.0 SE [1], XForms 1.0 TE [2], and XForms 1.1 [3].  
The driver pages are now correct XHTML (strict; tested against http://validator.w3.org 
). I tested the result in IE 6, IE 8, FF 3, and Safari 3 and found no  
serious problems.

A few quirks remain: The pages now are all UTF-8 encoded. However, the  
W3C server delivers all documents in ISO-8859-1.

Furthermore, all these pages now appear to have a smaller font size  
than before although I didn't make any changes to the CSS. This is  
probably a side effect of the pages now being rendered in standards  
rather than in quirks mode.

Let me know if you encounter any issues.


[1] http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/Test/XForms1.0/Edition2
[2] http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/Test/XForms1.0/Edition3
[3] http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/Test/XForms1.1/Edition1/driverPages/html/

On 28.04.2009, at 12:54, Steven Pemberton wrote:
> Someone who is using our test suite to test an implementation has  
> remarked that it is a nuisance that some parts of the suite (though  
> not the tests themselves) are not XHTML. The file they pointed me to  
> as an example was
> 	http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/Test/XForms1.0/Edition3/front_html/XF103edTestSuiteChpt2.html
> which contains unclosed meta and link tags.
> Steven

Ulrich Nicolas Lissť
Received on Wednesday, 3 June 2009 17:18:59 UTC

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